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    we have just as much talent as anybody in the PL.

    But we’re 2-7?

    Hello…..anybody there :?:



    You nailed it, Lex!

    It’s all about the intangibles. Items like clearly-understood management of talent, motivation, desire, program administration, etc. Such things rest on the shoulders of the administration and coaching staff, not so much the players. BOTH entities are failing to provide the athletes under THEIR direction with enough tools to succeed above their competitors.

    STAFF changes are needed, from top to bottom, if Lehigh football is to regain its former position of dominance within its league. Without, those of us on the outside must become content with mediocrity.



    Teams learn how to win, we didn’t learn yet, its a shame , what a great game on sat, love the energy, esp before the game at mid field, lets win the last 2 !!!



    We certainly proved that we belonged on the same field as Holy Cross last weekend, matching of bettering them in first downs (21 to 19), rushing yards (171 to 125), total offensive yards (375 to 372), and total offensive plays (70 to 70). Heck, even in penalties (9 each). Where we shinned, however, was on defense. Dom Randolph will long remember this game. We were in his face the entire game, intercepting twice, sacking him 3 times (he had only gone down 8 times in the team’s previous 8 games) and pressuring him on countless other occasions. I can only assume our friends over in Easton are looking closely as our game film in preparation for the showdown on Saturday up in Worcester in the "winner take all" game for a place in the post season. Even though I don’t believe in moral victories, this this was a great football game witnessed by 9,797 fans, having sat through each of other debacles this year (0-7 Yale, Princeton 14-17, CCSU 21-28, and CU 20-27). It would have been nice to have woken up on Sunday morning to find us in the driver’s seat and in control of our playoff destiny. All it would have taken was for us to have beaten Holy Cross and for Lafayette to have defeated Colgate. Heck, the Leopards held up their end of the bargain and we didn’t. Somehow, I got the feeling that had we won on Saturday, we’d follow it up with victories over Fordham and Lafayette to close out the year and be given a rematch with Villanova on November 28th. But, it wasn’t to be. Frustrating to say the least. Now, we can only spoil the dreams of Lafayette should they loss at Holy Cross and come into Stabler on November 21st a 8-2 team thinking at 9-2 they deserves an "At Large" bid to the Championships. A Mountain Hawk win in THE GAME would put an end to that, dropping them to 8-3. So, we went from a possible contender to a "spoiler" in the time it took Dom Randolph to find his receiver on the goal line late in the 4th quarter on Saturday. Hats off to Holy Cross. They were the better of two equal teams that day. Go out and put Lafayette out of its misery this weekend. We’ll finish them off a week later.

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