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    A win is a win . I’ll bitch 1st. We still have way too many penalties. Altho some of the PI calls were a bit mysterious. We still disappear in the 3rd period. Why? Some dropped passes but honestly not as bad as last yr. Cecchini still has work to do on O but better for sure. Lum , Spadola stood out. Both lines were great . D dominated.
    O left too many points on the field. We stopped ourselves way more often than Drake did. Drake a game squad that played better in the 2nd half but they were overmatched by faster more athletic LU squad.

    I fear much like we will be next week.



    The hope is that they type of errors they were – a few timing things, penalties, etc. – are things that can be worked on over the week. As much as a homer I am sometimes, those PI penalties seemed justified to me from the broadcast, though there were other things (spots, some of the other calls) that were questionable.


    After the first two or three series, I thought Cecchini had pulled off what he had come in for: a well-balanced offense with those effective slants and screens that could mess up any defense. Very little of that slow, checking the sideline for a play stuff that bogged things down the past couple of years.

    Very impressive.

    Second half (until last drive) was awful — like watching the past three or four years. PI calls, the muffed kickoff (seems like there’s one every year), the blocked FG, a comedy of errors. In my book, that’s stuff that should be unacceptable to any coach. To win, this team will have to avoid turnovers (they did that well) and avoid penalties (hallmark of the Higgins era).

    THIS GAME WAS LOSE-ABLE. Guys showed a lot of character to put it away.

    Lehigh provided Drake’s second-best offensive production Saturday night with 105 yards of penalties vs. 29 rushing and 148 passing.

    I liked these surprises:

    — Aggressiveness of O play-calling still ahead 21-0. Execution wasn’t there, though.

    — First-half defense.

    — Spadola.

    I fear:

    — a blocked punt at a key time. Punting Saturday was pretty effective.

    — more PI calls against more athletic receivers. Secondary is experienced, but has had its bad moments past few years.

    — inopportune INTs. Lum heaved a couple of balls he shouldn’t have and threw behind a few people. He got away with them. When he was hot, he was hot. I guess he can’t be perfect. Receiving corps looks much improved.

    — Walker got hurt badly. Didn’t look good. Anyone know what happened to him?

    O line looked solid, as did Campbell. D looked solid until it seemed to tire. Great depth. Hope Taylor is OK.


    Walker’s knee looked like a career ender. With his past history, he has really been the victim of bad luck. Hagreen also on crutches with a knee issue, though no thought to be too serious.
    The personal fouls are troublesome. Lack of discipline/focus which allowed Drake back in the game. Our physical/speed superiority was quite evident. I think the offense was purposefully ‘vanilla’ due to "Wildcat eyes" watching. Still the effectiveness was such an improvement over last year. For a first game, it was pretty good. Defense stood up when it was needed and seven sacks was impressive, considering Drake was the one who was supposed to be sacking us.


    I liked that the receivers were getting open which was at times lacking last year. Lum looked more composed than what I saw from him last year. Spadola and Fitz great additions. Would have liked to see Barket carry the ball more, we need to run between the tackles more. Sherman looked like a freshman, hope he is as good as billed.

    D was very solid and continues to be a strength of the team. Good kicking game other than low field goal attempt that was blocked. Kick off coverage not real strong.

    Think this game would not have been as close with better officiating. We got homered quite a few times.



    Would have liked to see Barket carry the ball more

    Absolutely agree. He needs to get 10-15 carries a game. Maybe a 50/50 split with Campbell. He just looks like he can make things happen when he gets the ball.

    Something tells me Colvin will play a part in this weeks game with Villanova after not really seeing any action last week.

    Pleasantly surprised by Spadola. Did Drwal only catch one pass? Seemed like he was more involved. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention. Still pretty comfortable with Drwal, Spadola, Gordon and Zurn as a group.



    Drawl was thrown several passes, but only one was catchable.

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