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    I have long been a fan of team-ball and stated previously that it’s one of Coach Reed’s favorite yardsticks when it comes to measuring success believing open looks lead to higher percentage of field goals made. You can’t argue with that this year as Lehigh leads the PL in scoring (81.6ppg), FG% (.483), and 3FG% (.444). Apparently, others in the League share and practice his belief as 5 of the league’s 8 member schools find themselves in the nation’s Top 20% of teams when looking at the ratio of Assists per Field Goals Made.

    National Rank Team Assists/FG Made (%)

    1 Northwestern 74.3

    46 AU 61.0
    48 Navy 60.7
    51 LC 60.5
    57 LU 60.0
    64 CU 59.5

    155 HC 54.4
    171 Army 53.8
    192 BU 52.8

    347 Southeast Louisiana 36.1

    And, Lehigh leads the way within the PL when it comes to assists per game.

    PL Assist/Game

    LU 16.6
    LC 14.5
    Army 14.1
    CU 13.6
    Navy 13.6
    BU 12.6
    AU 11.7
    HC 11.0

    Does it mean we’ll win the PL Championship again this year? No, it’s just something to think about while enjoying the holidays and counting down the days to the start of PL play on January 12.



    The fact that Muscala leads Bucknell at 2.7 assists per game, is troubling if you are a Bison fan.  They are not sharing the ball very well on that team so far this season.  The other troubling thing about that stataistic is this … if Muscala is getting an assist it is going to be kicking it from the post to an open perimeter shooter, probably Johnson or Ayers.  It is unlikely that his assists are leading to easy baskets for teammates.


    1.   One big reason Muscala leads BU in assists is that BU is using three PG’s.    That may be troubling in another way, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t sharing the ball.    BU PG’s in total average about 3.5 apg – not great but more than Muscala’s 2.7 apg.

    2.  When Muscala kicks out to Johnson or Ayers, it often leads to a good 3-point shot.   Over the past two years, Johnson is hitting 41.2% on threes and Ayers is 43.5%.   Those are effective FG pcts of 61.8% and 65.2% respectively.   They are both better than that when they get a kick-out and are squared to the basket and open.

    3.   One big factor on assists is who is the official scorer.   There are big differences across D1 schools in when an assist is given.   For example, when I looked at this a few years ago, it was much tougher to get an assist at Lafayette than in other PL venues.    Many of the scorers are different now, so I’m not sure which places are harder/easier.    One big factor for Bucknell assists is that so many baskets come after passes to Muscala or Willman in the paint.   Typically they then put the ball on the floor at least once before shooting.   And once they put it to the floor to manuever for a shot, most scorers will no longer award an assist  (although some will).


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