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    The best, most complete win in 3 years!


    First 50 in Coen’s time as HC.

    Eerily similar to last week’s game IMO. Defense stellar in first half, no so much after intermission. When we get pressure on QB, we look good. Pujols looked pretty ordinary when forced to runs opposed to letting him dictate. That needs to be the formula for Colgate.

    If they figure out how to hold teams to 21 points, this is the team to watch the next three years. Some freshmen are really getting PT and that matters.

    That three-headed RB position is getting its legs and looks pretty good. Mayes is a real QB. Shafnisky is a gamer!



    Best teams have the best 11 athlete’s on the field. Maybe doing the “Princeton thing” should be considered. Nick is a leader. Mayes a great talent. Gotta make room for both. Situational QB strategy can continue but I think a combo might be lethal. Kind of late in the season to work that out though.



    Andy’s done it before with Lum and Colvin. He may be doing it now. We’re 2-0 with Mayes and Shaf sharing snaps. I’m starting to think why change

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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