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    Game Notes are up!

    Lehigh version……….

    http://www.lehighsports.com/assets/spor … 022710.pdf

    Holy Cross version……………

    http://www.goholycross.com/sports/m-bas … 0225681bgo

    The Lines

    LU ranked 213th
    HC ranked 268th
    LU – 5

    LU ranked 198th
    HC ranked 230th
    LU is given a 76% chance of winning this game
    Predicted Score: 79-72

    To claim the top seed in the upcoming PL Championship series, LU needs to either win this game or have AU beat LC earlier in the day (CBS College Sports live broadcast at 4pm) down in DC. Nailing down the top seed would also assure LU of seeing both Navy and AU in their playoff bracket as both squads are destined to finish 4 and 5 or 5 and 4. The brackets seeding will look like this:

    1 vs 8
    4 vs 5

    2 vs 7
    3 vs 6



    Lost in all the media coverage of the Bucknell game (certainly not a topic of discussion on the Bison Board) was the fact that Zahir Carrington played just 8 minutes and scored only 2 of LU’s 81 points. Since returning from an early-season injury, Zahir has played a minimum of 21 minutes in each game up until that BU event a few nights ago. Today is senior day and you can be sure our emotional leader, Mr. Carrington, will be ready to extent his court time and deliver a quality performance, if history is our guide.

    Here’s a look at his "point/rebound/minute" production following a game in which Zahir failed to hit for double digits…….

    12 / 14 / 30 vs. Colgate on 2/17/10 following a game against Army

    20 / 2 / 30 vs. American on 2/6/10 following a game against Holy Cross

    20 / 6 / 33 vs. Army on 1/17/10 following a game against Navy

    10 / 6 / 26 vs. NJIT on 1/2/10 following a game against Delaware State

    12 / 13 / 26 vs. Marist on 12/22/09 following a game against St. Joseph’s

    That’s an average of 14.8 pts. / 8.2 rebounds / 29 minutes. May these be his numbers tonight.



    The seniors have worked hard the past 4 years. The practices and coaches have not been easy. Wishing them the best tonight and in their future. An education from Lehigh will remain with them for life. Good luck seniors. Thank you for your dedication to Lehigh basketball.



    Although Matt Shamis is eligible to play next year due to a medical redshirt, he appears to be included in today’s Senior Day ceremony. Perhaps:
    1. He decided not to return to Lehigh next year due to graduation; or
    2. He was willing to come back, but his scholarship and spot on the team went to B.J. Bailey.



    We’re lookin’ good! At the half, it’s AU 45 and LC 26.

    AU leads pts. in the paint 18-2 and their 3’s are falling, as well. LC’s 3’s aren’t.

    GO AU!!!



    For the fourth consecutive year, Lehigh faces Army in the quarterfinal of the Patriot League Tournament. However, this year, the result will be much different!



    "Mtnhwkfan" wrote: For the fourth consecutive year, Lehigh faces Army in the quarterfinal of the Patriot League Tournament. However, this year, the result will be much different!

    If we beat Holy Cross and Army wins later tonight, we’ll play Holy Cross. But I’m hoping we play Army too and get that monkey off our backs.



    LU BEATS HOLY CROSS and BU downs Army.


    Bring on Army!

    See you at Stabler Wednesday.


    No way should Lehigh lose to Army. However, we need the student body to show up. Last year, it felt like a home game for Army. They bring a tremendous pep band—When they swing into "Grand Old Army Team" they drown out everything else.

    Something I noticed the other night…sitting fairly high up on the northern side of the arena. you can’t really read the scoreboards because of the banners hanging down–I had to rely on the guy sitting next to me to tell me how much time was left. That needs to be rectified.

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