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    I’ll get it kicked off with the big preview.

    I’m looking at intangibles more and more in this game. While Lehigh played great, they’ve never "been here" before. Holy Cross has, four straight years. I’m hoping that this won’t be the big story coming out of this game, but I’m wondering if that experience may, just may, help Holy Cross this weekend.


    Maybe I’m analyzing this through rose-colored glasses, but I don’t think this game is going to be as tight as everyone is prognosticating. I’m sure the disappointments and close losses of the last few years are causing us fans to be more reserved in our outlook, but I see this game differently. Holy Cross got by Colgate based upon some unlikely special teams play and won at the end. They got creamed by Harvard and don’t have the explosive offense of years past. I think the LU defense is very stout and with the offense clicking I see a more lopsided win. Yes, HC is the defending champs playing at home, so experience and venue are advantages, but if LU could hold Eachus, I think they’re up to the task for HC. Hope I’m right.



    I’m with you Hawker and going with a final of Lehigh 35 – Holy Cross 24.

    There’s no way this senior-laden Mountain Hawk squad (7 seniors starting on D and another 6 on Offense) is losing its focus four weeks into a roll they’ve waited 3 1/2 years to come. As hard as they’ll play; I expect equal or greater output from the underclassmen as they try to send this group of seniors home a winner and onto the Playoffs. While all the talk has been of the offense – and perhaps rightly so at times – I content it’ll be the defense that becomes the difference maker on Saturday. While Lum and Company have been putting up points these past four weeks, it’s been the D that has quietly stepped up limiting the opponent’s third down efficiency to 27% and an average score of 15 pts./game. I can’t see that trend reversing course. Remember, Lehigh leads the league in Red Zone Defense, Sacks, and Turnover Margin – all of which wins games when little else seems to separate the teams.

    Holy Cross is good, don’t get me wrong. And, Gilmore is 4-2 when going up against Lehigh and the Crusaders are gunning for their 14th win in a row at Fitton Field. And, we’ve had our mental lapses, foolish penalties, and problems of late keeping our kick-offs inbounds (maybe it’s time we consider the drop-kick). But, all in all, this one should be ours given (a) a good game plan and (b) good to excellent execution across the board.

    Fox Sports Atlantic has sure picked a great game to televise.

    Anyone traveling north?


    I would also like to think that the Seniors remember all too well the 59-10 beat down we had at the Crusaders’ hands when they were Freshmen. With the League title on the line, there should be plenty of motivation and focus for this game.



    Ryan Taggart,tomorrow’s opposing qb………..

    Dateline: Aug. 29, 2010
    http://www.telegram.com/article/2010082 … 009/sports

    Dateline: Nov. 5, 2010
    http://www.telegram.com/article/2010110 … 1/11050512

    Passing StatsAtt 228
    Comp 140
    Int 7
    Pct 61.4
    Yards 1362
    TD 11
    Long 38
    Sack 6
    Yds 35
    Effic 121.36

    Rushing Stats
    Number 57
    Yards 199
    TDs 1


    After watching the game, Lehigh really dominated and the score wasn’t that close with HC scoring on the last play of the game in garbage time and Lehigh running out the last 8 mins and kicking two field goals. Peronally, I would have gone more for the jugular, but that is me, and I thin Coen didn’t want to embarass Gilmore, although he would have had every right to given the 59-10 debacle in 07. Good victory. Team looked impressive at times; unimpressive at others, but overall body of work was a very solid win. HC offense didn’t really get anything going except with some referee help. LU will need to be a little crisper, but this was a good win. Congrats to Lehigh, at a very least, the 2010 Patriot League co-champs. Let’s close it out and be sole winners!!

    Also, I’m taking my own victory lap in calling this game as way more lopsided that just about all others, including our fearless cheerleader, LFN.

    Go LU!



    The Hawkineers overcame some bad errors and turnovers, and one bonehead call by an official.
    There were to many yellow hankies thrown for holding against Lehigh. Fortunately, most of those turnovers occurred deep in Holy Cross territory, so they didn’t hurt us that much.
    And what was with that flag on interfering with the receiver that cost us 15 yards? If he made a legitimate signal for a fair catch, I’m a monkey’s uncle.
    Nonetheless, it was another great win.
    I may take a drive down to Georgetown if the weather is decent. JJH


    Still too many penalties and some mistakes that we should not be making this late in the season. Defense was really good today, even better than the score indicted.

    Lum was not as sharp with his passing but continues to make really good decisions. Should give some credit to HC defense however.

    I like the widlcat and think it is sprinkled into the game plan effectively. Seems to me that Colvin is not running as well as he could be? I think he missed some holes today and made some wrong cuts?

    Barket continues to impress me whenever he gets a chance. No slight on Campbell, they compliment each other well.

    Here’s to going undefeated in the league this year, only two more games against poor teams! No letdown!


    Game not nearly as close as score. Andy could have run it up, classy that he did not. I wish I could pick PL winners as well as I got our rushing ydage. I thought we could get over 200 and we did. Lum started slow but improved . In fact entire team domiated the 4th. Barket better and better. Is Gordon hurt?


    Gordon was dinged early in the year. He has seen some playing time in the past few weeks. Not sure if he is 100%. Drwal, Spadola and Zurn are all doing so well it may be hard to get him some reps.


    Lum shaky early on; definitely got better as game progressed. Still a few too many passes for my liking thrown into dangerous traffic by both QBs. Too much wildcat stuff for me … it’d be nice to pick up a first down on a second down play more regularly — as opposed to facing third and five pressure.

    Barkett was impressive in all three areas of his game. Love how passing game opens up the running game … to slow down clock late in game. Offense is way LESS conservative when it’s ahead by two TDs or more than it has been in years (one reason — and execution — why they’re winning, IMHO). Drwal TD catch was sweet; Wodjo’s pretty nice, too.

    I was impressed with HC’s defense, particularly in comparison with Colgate.

    LU defense played well again, as did special teams. Randazza the real thing finally?

    Hopefully B&W can finish strong mentally with no injuries (looked like Spadola was walking gingerly toward the end) and not face letdowns against two teams they might perceive as inferior (dangerous thing to do).

    After next week, could be time to seriously talk playoffs.

    Looks like Georgetown may televise game via CBS Sports website, even if Lehigh will not (I found this on a quick search, if it was accurate).



    Another great game for Lehigh. On the way to a top 25 ranking.

    Lum settled down after the first few series and made up for it with his running – ending up with great passing and rushing stats.

    The defense was dominating.

    Running Back Barket continues to impress and should be among top rushers in the Patriot League during the next few years.

    The game was a lot more lopsided than the score indicates.

    Again, as predicted by The Fan, Lehigh continues its undefeated streak that will carry it through the second round of the playoffs….

    oh, and one last thing:

    Andy Coen for President!



    While Lum did again what we have grown to expect of him of late, i.e., complete 60% his passes (21 for 35) and find the endzone more often than a defenders hand (3 TDs to 1 Int) for 200+ yards, it was the other phase of the offense that captured my attention and has yet to get much praise after yesterday’s game. How about controlling the ball for nearly 39 minutes of play led by the rushing of Barket and Campbell (10 cracks each averaging 5.3 and 4.2 yards, respectively). Throw in Lum and Colvin’s totals and your "Ar Lehigh" team went for over 200 yards on the ground! On the other side of the ball, the D did as you might expect. They set the tone early, dropping the Crusder QB 3 times in the first quarter, forcing and recovering 2 fumbles and allowing just 5 of 14 Holy Cross 3rd down conversion attemtps. One last thing that has to be said about yesterday game: How about Tom Randazza! He couldn’t keep his kick-offs in play 8 days ago and yesterday he goes 6 for 396 (avg: 66 yds/kick-off), 2 for 2 on FGs, and 4 for 4 on Extra Point Attempts. And, more than one of those kick-offs were into a brisk wind.

    It wasn’t a perfect performance by any stretch of the imagination but all facets of the game are beginning to click and just at the right time. While trying not to get ahead of myself, you have to wonder just how great it might feel to sit at Goodman at least one more time this year.



    Another well played game for the most part. Those two turnovers deep in HC territory would have been big game changers in the past several years. Defense made sure that didn’t happen. Still cannot continue to happen if playoffs are in our future. Penalties not major concern since a few of them weren’t really penalties. ;)

    Lum/Spadola looked good again. Lum good enough for league MVP consideration if not for Eachus.

    Nothing against Campbell, but I am now convinced if Barket is given 15-20 carries plus a few catches a game, he could be the 2nd best RB in Patriot League.

    The "wildcat" needs to be revamped before playoffs. It’s not successful because EVERYONE knows Colvin is going to run the ball. After seeing Lum’s burst of speed on Saturday, how about a formation with both of them in the backfield.

    On a side note, why an onside kick from HC with 5 seconds to go and down by 17? Serves no purpose whatsoever.

    Two more wins to concentrate on. Each game has its own importance. Beat Georgetown and win Patriot League. Beat Lafayette because they are Lafayette.


    Agree with most of the above. We were certainly superior in talent to Holy Cross and were our best enemy at times. The one thing that was curious was how close to NOT scoring we were before the half. We still had two timeouts and did not use them. If Wojo doesn’t make that tremendous move and score, there wouldn’t have been time left for another play. Maybe the coaches saw a matchup on the field and didn’t want to give HC a chance to change personnel, but that was highly risky not to call timeout with about 12-15 seconds to go.

    Unmentioned, also, was Randazza’s great kick offs. Everyone inside the 5 and one touchback. Much improved from the prior week!

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