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    A couple really positive signs from today:


    1.) As discussed, was way to early to bury BJB after a few games back off a month or two layoff. He showed similarities to how he looked down the stretch last year, banging home some 3-balls, but what I really loved was he wasn’t afraid to get his nose in there…pre-this game he was stationary, but he looked to drive and got inside the heart of the defense on a few occassions…was really good to see, he really adds another dimension to this team as that “big” “long’ athletic guard.

    2.) Nice depth today – everyone chipped in. AD looked solid again, active hands on defense and got out in transition…AD aint a spot up shooter from deep, he is mroe shakey/bakey in between mid-range guy and he showed that today, he played well. CS had another great game, shooting wasn’t as good as usual but he found the open guy and that behind the back to GK was sick.

    3.) Leaders Lead – HG MM and GK lead the way, as they should, as they have to. MM and HG just put the game out of reach with 17 early quick points to start the 2nd half. HG brimming with confidence man, love him, love his passion.

    4.) 1-3 above is great, really great, but as I said in-game the highlight and treat of the game was Goldy man….I hated that D3 game more then anyone, still irks me that this team had to play a D3 team…BUT, maybe just maybe Goldy gained some confidence from that game cause he played well vs moravian and he played today like he belonged for the first time all year..he played as if he knew he could dominate down low, played hungry/aggressive/assertive…was awesome to watch, awesome..when was last time we had a guy do that on the boards….10 total, 4 offensive…he was everywhere, quick to the ball, quick bounce off the ground, sliced into get position down low…BUT WHAT I LOVED AND GOT ME SO FIRED UP was when he got a board or got a pass he went straight up or passed it…he kept the ball high as bigs have to do…he didn’t try to dribble and make his 6’8 self 6’0…he kept it up high and either went up or kicked out to shooters..he kicked out to perimeter successfully a ton of times today….he was really impressive..he length and athleticism is there…he seems to be putting it together…a really positive sign for LU, and timing couldn’t be better as we got lumpkins and wroblicky down in DC next game..

    5.) Even without CJ, we still have best guard play in PL…certainly the deepest…you can roll MM, CS, BJB, AD, and SC out there and be in good shape.




    65 – I know you’re abroad and checking on here for updates…so let me spell it out to you clearly.





    Congratulations Coach Reed on blowing the doors open on the post-CJ era at Lehigh.  MM was masterful controlling the  offensive flow and contributing really nice scoring at key moments. His shot is so balanced and in rhythm – really under control tonight.  HG was Mr. Intangible and Justin Goldsboro, with 10 boards (some of them off of his own misses) was an answer to prayer – a dominant presence inside for Lehigh.

    Coach Reed deserves a lot of respect tonight as his team made HC look like a Division III school with tenacious D, unselfish offense, and a complete team contribution.  Coach has his players brimming with confidence..

    The major flaw at this time is that GK is trying to do too much.  He is forcing his offense  against double and triple teams instead of swinging the ball out to any number of capable shooters.  He has a great repertoire of moves, but he just seems to be forcing it at times when numbers are wrong or the angle or distance are against him.

    I’ll even give kudos to AD.  Coach has invested a lot of time into this man and he is playing with confidence and fans are being treated to some very nice moves to basket.



    For those that watched the game  – question for you all – or those with it still on DVR.

    I mentioned this on twitter – but was it just me or did GK get the ball outside way more then usual? Even when he tried to go back to basket more times than not he was outside paint and it seemed awkward at times. He tried to go one on one from 15 feet out while facing his guy, and that is not GK game. We need to do better job getting him ball on the box and letting him operate, when he got it down low today he executed and scored.

    Will be interesting to see how Goldy responds to two big bigs from AU on Wednesday…another good outing from him would be huge for this team…



    Good point LUHoops00
    I mentioned something similar at the Bryant game. They are not getting the ball to Gabe where he can post up. Some of it is defense in that HC was playing some 2-3 zone which gave our shooters some open looks. As I mentioned earlier and gohawks63 confirms, Gabe also needs to kick the ball back out when that happens.
    Still there was too much good in this game to pick apart the small points.
    BTW, you could tell CJ is not used to being injured. He did not look comfortable using crutches.



    Thanks TMH. What a great win, got to keep momo going down in DC, what a huge game that is.



    Just THRILLED to hear what you guys saw in Goldsboro tonight!  In the limited amount I’ve been able to see so far this year, I’ve been excited about

    potential.  What seemed to lacking was confidence, sense that he belonged out there.  Big question to me – can we play 3 “bigs” regularly?  Would

    mean that Baltimore would have to be able to rotate in.  Is that possible?  And next question:  anybody hearing anything about how Chuku looks

    on the practice floor?  Eye towards next year…



    Yeah, Goldy upside big cause he is plus athlete and a long 6’8. His confidence as I mentioned in previous post, seems to be growing, and check out the good Dr quote from post-game.

    “Justin has continued to contribute at a higher level in practice,” said Reed. “For him to be able to now do that in a game situation, and ultimately contribute to what we’re trying to build, is a great sign for him personally and also a great sign for our program. We need that rebounding, we need that athleticism, we need that energy around the basket that he’s been able to contribute.”

    That is a great quote, seems like JG has come a long way and maybe a light has gone off for him. Certainly getting good coaching and playing against GK every practice certainly helps him out. When you think about LU, with or without CJ, we thought preseason to beat BU we needed a 3rd big to step up and compliment GK and HG. CB has been a disapointment, and many that questioned his upside preseason are asking the same questions still, and many who were vocal for CB have been quiet of late….if JG can contine on trend of past few games, huge upside and future…and can help us versus AU and BU, the two big front courts we’ll face in PL play. JG on Wednesday vs AU will be really interesting, really fired up to see how he reacts to road game versus two big boys.




    Two coaching notes, Reed out coached the pants off of Brown. Two goodies in Reed gameplan:


    1.) Doubling Dudzinski and making sure they sagged in on Burrell penetration. Stopping those two and you shut whole offense down.

    2.) PNR with MM and HG – With either Beans or Dudz on HG, when HG at the 4 spot, using HG as the pick and roll with MM was dangerous man. Neither big could keep up with HG and we need that versus American, cause HG should be too quick for Wroblicky or Lumpkins.


    Two really smart moves by Reed.



    Thanks everyone for the great recaps.

    Now 310 miles northwest of St. Thomas and feelin’ good.



    Great win!  Gabe has done a good job, but there are times when he does not kick it out. I think this is because he is trying to put too much on his shoulders with CJ out. He has to trust his team to step up as they have. I am so excited about Goldy! What a hell of a game for him. Bring on my boy Lumpy as we call him on the west coast. Goldy can bang with him. Lumpy can be stingy, stay on him Goldy. Has that side step and turn that can get one in foul trouble. He is predictable, watch the film. So excited. CJ is injured, but he still has a lot to offer the team. They are playing well. Nice to see.

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