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    Game Notes



      Holy Cross’


    How HC Took down Lafayette by 17 on Wednesday


    KenPom Rankings and Predictions

    HC (9-9, 3-2) Ranked #200
    Lehigh (9-7, 3-2) Rankled #103
    Lehigh wins by 9 (71-62)

    As for the rest of the League, KP sees trouble at home for AU (losing by 1 to AWP), LC (losing by 2 to Navy), CU (losing by 7 to Bucky), and Loyola (losing by 4 to BU)

    Oh yeah, Bucky fell out of the Top 100 (falling 17 possessions from 113 to 96), following their home loss to Lehigh.

    Things that may make a difference

      Tempo (Pace of Play)

    Lehigh 65th fastest in the nation @ 16.5 seconds (avg. possession length)
    Holy Cross: slowest in the nation

      Forcing TOs on Defense

    Lehigh: 17.6% of possessions
    (253rd best)

    Holy Cross: 25.3% of possessions (3rd best…only W. Va. and Fordham do it better)

      The “3”

    Lehigh: 41.1% (7th best on offense)
    Holy Cross: 34.3 (155th best on defense)

    Who Could Ever Forget 3/9/16 (PL Championship Game)
    HC 69
    LU 56

    After winning both regular season contests, we host the Crusaders in the Championship Game. In that contest, seen by 4587 at Stabler, we come out flat in the first half (14 points on 6 for 23…1 for 7 shooting from deep), get nothing (0 points in 19 minutes) from our subs), and played like we had never before faced a 1-3-1 zone. The bloody details can be found below. In what had to be the understatement of the year, Coach Reed said following the game, “Holy Cross’ 1-3-1 defense certainly caused a lot of problems for us.”



    For those fans looking to better understand the 1-3-1 zone, here’s a guide that may prove helpful:



    watched some of the HC/Pards game, HC smothered them in first half, HC seems to be only 6 or 7 deep based on minutes, should be able to tire them out in second half with our pace, must take care of the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!! cut down on the TOs and we will win



    Thanks for the link on the 1-3-1, 65! Very helpful!


    I like our matchup against the 1-3-1, set up price and andree in the corners, Tim in the paint and Kyle and Ross slashing from the points, should get some easy buckets or foul shots



    Payback is so sweet. The LU published recap says it all with the exception of failing to highlight the sniffling effect of our 2-3 second half zone. A thing of beauty. A half dozen empty HC possessions to start the 2nd half resulted in the 16-0 Lehigh run. Fitting, I would say, thinking back 10 months ago and the difficulty we had going against the HC 1-3-1 zone.



    Another interesting stat is that Lehigh only had 3 TOs in the 2nd half. There was really good ball movement against the 1-3-1 and we didn’t seem to force the inside pass. Like in the championship game TK really took over in the 2nd half. This time however, we didn’t dig the deep hole.
    On paper, Lehigh had a big edge in rebounds but I think it had more to do with HC’s penchant to get back on defense rather than contest the boards. There were a lot of times we were fighting each other for the ball.
    I noticed that neither walk-on was on the bench today. Lehigh literally went with 8 players.


    think it was a 1-2-2 early in the second half that stifled crossers, first half turnovers were terrible, Malachi the only offensive threat on that team, no way our guys should ever lose to them again


    Oh so sweet to send them
    Home with a loss. I’ll take it. What’s even sweeter is champion went 2-9. Big win. I’m so glad we beat them. Yes jj and wolf and lieb were all in suits



    Really good win. The latter portion of the first half got kinda scary for a while, after we got off to a pretty good start. Then it just grinded to a halt. HC can be really frustrating to watch, when their approach is working. The stifling D, and the plodding pace is painful. I can’t imagine how it must feel to play against it.

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