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    I was wondering how the team shapes up for next year? QB? DL? DBs?

    Young talent surprises?


    Rebuilding certainly. Only 3 starters returning on D. 5 on O. O has great depth . Qb is only spot w no letterman. Bialkowski probable successor. Knows O, good arm and athletic. More accurate than Mike but w/o his arm.
    My guess is we will be good but inexperienced on D. With all yr , not much rotation on D.
    Gate and Fordham return best Qbs.
    Recruiting has started out very well. We will need an excellent class to avoid slipping back too far.


    DL big concern next year, hope there are some diamonds in that rough.

    Not sure about CBs, Gabe and Bryan never get off the field so their backups are somewhat unknown quantities.  Suggs seems to be well liked by coaches, and I was impressed with Lambert on special teams this year.   Need some LBs to fill out and plug the middle, maybe Laub moves to middle, was impressed with Bourgeous HS film and he has some size.

    Other than QB, offense is pretty well set.   With good QB play offense could be pretty stout next year.

    Maybe a highly rated recruit is ready to make a big contribution next year?


    I’m optimistic about 2013. Offense should be in good stead, although QB will be the question

    mark with no real ‘gameday’ experience. He appears to have all the tools.  DL will lose a lot of

    starters, but there is a good group of lettermen returning.  Reports say the sophomore and

    freshmen secondary men are very athletic.  Key, there, is building confidence. LB corps should

    be in good shape, but depth there, as well as DL will be important. Losing a big stud in the

    middle of the DL hurts and hopefully someone fills those shoes. Chagani’s absence in much of

    the Holy Cross game really hurt as it allowed Crusaders to run inside on us and opened up the

    passing game. Special teams were much improved this year. Divers back a punter, though I

    expect competition for PK. Looking at schedule, I see at worst a 7-4 record, with the four

    ‘potential losses’ all toss-ups: UNH, Fordham, Colgate and Laughyette. I would favor us in the

    other seven–although on second thought Princeton could be tough, depending on what they

    have returning from a better than expected 2012 squad.  Spring Game will be very interesting

    as the QB’s battle for #1.


    While the bird simmers, a little forecasting of next years starters and key contributors.

    Starting with the D:

    LB – Nigel, Campbell, and Mahoney all return so expect them in the mix.  Robb and Laub very impressive frosh.

    Need some size in the middle, maybe one or two of these guys move inside?

    DB – Ward, Jarvis and Hill all with experience this year.  Maybe Suggs at other CB?  Very impressed with Lambert on ST this year.

    Wilmington and Robinson in the mix too.

    DL – Newton for sure a starter, very impressed with him.  Gyles, Layton and Remmington on 2 deep this year so expect them in the mix.

    Beyond that, who knows.  Good opportunity for a stud recruit to get time here.   My biggest ?? for next year.

    And for O:

    OL – looking good here with Lippincott, Douglas, Daryoush and Moore all experienced and solid.

    Not sure who 5th starter might be, but some regarded rising sophs as well as Hood and Rugg available.

    RB – I think a strength, Sherman very solid and experienced, Sodeke looked good this year in limited action,

    I really like the two frosh, Kee and Brown.  Maybe we become a run first team next year?

    FB – Hayden and Farrell have this covered.

    WR – Sergio, Paris and Kurfis have this well covered, Gaul and Knott in mix.

    TE – Gonna miss Haggins, looks like Coyle and Colgate have the edge.  Not sure what happened to Anderson this year.  Ruhl?

    QB – Big mystery, we know that Bialkowski can take a knee and hold for kicks and he is the front runner.

    Last spring, Poutier and McHale showed promise too.

    Special Teams

    Divers hands the punting again, is Devine ready to take over place kicking?    Lechner back to snap.


    That’s my take on things, but my real hope is that the football scholarships allow us to recruit one or two stud frosh that can

    see the field next year.  Or, are there any transfers out there that might look at us if we can offer a schollie?




    That’s a pretty good analysis.  I am a new (this year) Lehigh fan.  I didn’t think we ran

    the ball enough this year.  Has this team always been so pass oriented?

    Also, I didn’t think we got much contribution from the KR and PR department.  I’d like to see

    that improve, too.


    Nice breakdown. Dont forget Parris at WR.
    Agree O seems OK cept at QB. Unfortunately that is a huge BUT.
    D is going to be a work in progress I’m afraid. Good talent but spotty experience, Dline particularly.
    Recruiting always essential but perhaps more important this yr with schollies and graduation losses.


    The Spring game will be a real time for some rising Sophs to show their stuff with the focus on DL ,and QB.


    Kramer –

    O is very pass oriented, nearly all formations from shotgun.  Running plays mostly zone read.  I would like to see the QB under center more my self.

    I think we could run effectively out of a one back formation with QB under center and the play action pass would be

    very effective.  I just wish Chick would scrap the I formation or pistol with the QB in shotgun, that formation yields nothing.

    Maybe some changes next year depending on who is QB and their skill set.



    Dont expect too many more OL recruits. 16 now including 2 commits. N

    Dline NG critical
    DBs last class phenominal. A few more couldn’t hurt.
    LB lots of bodies and talent but again never turn down a stud.
    TE 4 back at least 1 more
    WR a need 4 lettermen . 2 more pushing.At least a couple.
    Nick the real deal.

    FB need 1
    RB 4 good ones but a real speed rb would be nice.
    Dont expect large class 17 or 18.

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