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    Article on incoming pg Corey Schaefer. Not a lot of info here. Would have liked to hear what other schools were interested in Corey but this article contains surprisingly little info considering it’s length: … nav%7Chead



    I’ve checked some box scores, but its so hard to tell anything about hs hoops. Bottom line, in order for next years team to be better we don’t need better guard play, so even if he is better then Mackey, which I would find hard to believe, how much better would LU even be. The key to next year is McCarthy, Greiner, Gabe developing even further plus whatever Baltimore can give us. Greiner has played a lot better the last month then the prior two months, and is it just me or does he look an extra step quicker? Maybe I’m nuts but I keep seeing him blow by guys like I’ve not seen before, and much more active on D. McCarthy, I got some hopes that by this time next year he could be a 20+ minute a game guy. He has the size and has some nice touch down low, be intresting to watch him develop.



    I agree with some of your comments.

    HG is coming on and I like his contribution and play. I hope to see it continue and grow. I’d like to see Big Kev get more time. He’s the future and is playing pretty well. I think he can score

    However, I believe the guard play needs improvement. I believe it’s the reason we’ve lost and not played as a team; too much dribbling, individualistic play and we’ve only seen the extra pass sporatically until lately. It’s the biggest reason assists and shooting percentage are down.

    Two foot bunnies by GK are a pretty high percentage shot, but that comes from the extra pass. There’s been recent improvement so maybe the message is getting through.

    I’ll take my chances on a kid who is a gym rat, coaches kid and wants to be a basketball coach, that likely has talked and learned basketball at the dinner table every day since he was 5. The point guard is the most important position on a basketball team. You can never have enough quality point guards.

    I believe Dr Reed knows what he’s doing. Let’s see what happens.

    I remember somebody telling CJ’s AAU coach to stop drinking before he posted when he said CJ was going to take the Patriot League by storm. Remember that?


    I agree with most of what is being said here, but I was never trying to imply that Schaefer was going to supplant Mackey. I see Mackey as a 4 yr starter. But what I DO see is a nice change of page next year if Mackey playes 25-30 minutes and Schaefer plays 10-15. We know Mackey can score – he led the houston area in scoring his sr year, and his outside shot has been improving throughout the year but is still quite inconsistent. If Corey is a more cerebral point guard and more of a shooter than penetrator it will be a big shift for the defense when he enters the game (right now Mackey and Prentice are similar styles – although Mackey is the better player). I also think that if we surround Mackey and CJ with shooters like Schaefer and D’Orazio we could knock down A LOT of threes which would then open things up for…the big guys.

    We all know that the big guys are going to make or break this squad going forward. I really like the way HG has come on as of late and I do agree he looks a step quicker (although I am mostly chalking this up to just being more aggressive and assertive), and I think McCarthy could definitely bring something to the table next year. If Baltimore can translate his rebounding, defense, and toughness to the college level as a freshman I think there is a lot to be excited about next season. At least we know we always have a chance with CJ and we will be entertained.



    That AAU coach was me and yes I remember clearly when I posted he would be a star somebody indeed mocked me. Like I said originally had he been a few lbs heavier Ohio St would have been all over him. He is a once in a lifetime player for this program and I hope the do everything they can to keep him. Hes a great kid.



    I’d counter perhaps that a lot of the extra dribbling you’re seeing is because we have very little in tradition half court offense that runs through the bigs, because we don’t have a lot of traditional big men from size and skill perspective to operate with back to the basket. Gabe has some nice moves, but for whatever reason not featured a ton down low. Tough to tell on web broadcastsif that is due to him lacking ability to consistently establish position or if guards are missing him? McCarthy is getting there, he’s shown some nice touch and I am eager to see progress from now until next fall. HG, as I and others mentioned, huge progress in last month, which is great for us.

    Bottom line going into this year we had questions in front and back court. Mackey has answered the PG position, and we’re all comfortable with him as a 4 year starter. With any combo of him, cj, anthony, corey/stefan – we’re loaded at guards through CJ era. Again, the real big question for rest of this year and really the rest of the CJ ERA is if we get him enough bigs to compete for PL Championship and be a tough out/win a game in March. That is the only single question with the program for next two years, period and point blank.

    Listen, if Corey can come in and prove he is a better player PG then Mackey, I’M STOKED and I’ll take an upgrade anywhere I can find it. If Stefan is an upgrade to CJ(haha), I’d be again stoked, as the best players need to play. My only point was below is what I’ve echoed on here for months, Corey even if he is ROY next year is not a NEED recruit by position and by team need. We need bigs and athletic ones, hopefully mr baltimore answers that.

    By the way, I’ve posted this before, but if you want to kill a few minutes and stare at a picture perfect J, check below out of Stefan Cvrkalj (Kitchener, Ontario) stroking the heck out of the 3-ball…again, similar profile as Johnson for BU in his canadian roots, think stefan actually higher rated then johnson…..
    AAU tourney at UPitt…better video of two from seeing all around skill set and versus better competition, but stroke is pretty sick boys and girls….pretty sick…at a legit 6’4 could he immediately jump in as 3rd guard in line-up and replace Ojo??!?!?! Next years 5th starter spot is up for grabs, now if McCarthy develops or Baltimore wows they’d be featured as the 5th along with mackey/cj/holden/gabe in a "big" lineup or you could go smaller with a Stefan/Jordan/Anthony 5th spot(I’d argue Anthony in 5th spot be too small of a line-up), almost prentice small-ish….
    Canadian playoff game – bad competition, but the stroke, pretty crystal clear….



    One more quick point – I’d be an idiot if I didn’t mention/reiterate/highlight that with CJ on the court, I don’t care if you have StablerBum/True Colors/LU65/Me out there with him, in one and done tourney in March LU will have a shot until the day CJ becomes leading scorer in LU history….and that…that right there is what makes this team so damn exciting down the stretch….I’d argue, CJ needs 20+ shots for us to win "big" games down the stretch though…like he did against HC….he missed some bunny floaters and could have easily went for 36-38 after watching replay of that game….



    Gabe Knutson (forward) and newcomer Corey Schaefer (point guard), will renew acquaintances from high school this summer – if they haven’t already – by playing summer ball in DesMoines . They’ll square-off against one another at least once in the five week Capital City Y program. Check out the company they’ll keep and the number of talented players from Iowa State and Drake, in particular. On Corey’s team alone you have two notables guards in 5’11" Korie Lucious, former Michigan State star who will sit out the upcoming season at Iowa State but be ready to compete in ’11-’12 together with 6’5" guard Chris Babb, former Nittany Lion who sat-out last year at Iowa State but will play this year. Gabe, on the other hand, will apparently be sharing court time with Royce White, 6’8" forward out of Minnesota (’09-’10) who sat out last year’s play at Iowa State and is set to go this year for the Cyclones. … -announced

    A look back at Corey Schaefer, Point Guard

    April 24, 2009 Class of 2011 Rankings…Corey places 8th in the state … kings.html

    June 2010
    ESPN Evaluation … y-schaefer

    January 18, 2010
    Coach Reed’s Comments
    A 6-0 point guard, Schaefer will join current sophomore Gabe Knutson as natives of Iowa. Schaefer enjoyed a standout career for Johnston High School, helping lead it to a 17-5 record and No. 7 distinction in the Iowa Class 4A rankings. He was named 4A Second Team All-State after averaging 14.5 points and three assists per game in the state’s highest classification. Schaefer also played for Martin Brothers out of Iowa this summer. In addition to Lehigh, he received interest from North Dakota, Eastern Illinois and Bucknell. Corey has a tremendous feel for the game of basketball. He is a heady player with a strong basketball IQ who seems to know how to win. He is also creative with the ball, has vision and can create for himself and his teammates. His shooting ability and his deep range will make him a threat from long distance as well. Conroy’s defensive versatility and rebounding talent will be tremendous assets for our program. In addition, he has demonstrated the ability to stretch the defense by making perimeter shots. His length, along with this athleticism, will allow him to score in a variety of ways on the court and will also provide a shot blocking presence.

    Corey’s Senior Year Stats at Johnston High School … yerID=2430
    PPG: 17.7
    FG%: 48.6%
    3FG%: 37.9%
    FT%: 85.0%
    Assists/Turnovers: 100/30

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