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    Iowa State Game Notes … M_ID=10700

    Lehigh Game Notes … /46128.PDF



    Espn3, jackpot!



    Expect for those unlucky metro New York Cablevision subscribers.



    Get to know the Cyclones

    Iowa State beats Grand Valley State (D-II) 77-62 in Exhibition Game

    Stats … M_ID=10700

    Core six of: Babb, Ejim, Allen, Christopherson, White and McGee account for 94% of points scored.

    Babb (Penn St), Allen (Mich. St.) and White (Minn.) sat out last season as Redshirts. McGee is a Jr. College Transfer

    Gibson, 6’9" Center, played 10 min. and scored 1 point. Jordan, 6’11" Center, did not play.

    Starting Forwards stood 6’8" and 6’6"

    Iowa State Video Highlights of Grand Valley State game Scoring Clips and Head Coach, Fred Hoiberg’s Preview of Lehigh … m_id=10700

    Iowa State’s Annual Media Day (10/12/2011) Video Interviews – coach and players … =205315142


    Participant previews Lehigh … -vs-lehigh

    Some of what the Fanatic had to say:

    Iowa State’s roster lacks height, but so does Lehigh’s. A big key to Saturday’s game is who will win the rebounding battle? The Mountain Hawks aren’t big but they’re feisty

    What will the crowd be like? Without a football game to compete with, a jam-packed Hilton Coliseum is to be expected.
    Iowa State has ranked in the top-30 nationally in attendance the last five seasons. That’s a streak that will likely continue as Iowa State’s ticket office recently announced that a record number of 10,252 season tickets have been sold for the upcoming campaign.

    During his media availability on Thursday, Hoiberg referred to guard Chris Allen’s status as as “game time decision.” Allen suffered a hip pointer last week in practice



    The LU men may be a little intimidated by over 10,000 fans. Wow! Or they may relish in it. What’s your take on the matchup between Knutsen and White? They were former summer league teammates. Will there be LU alum in attendance?



    Forget 10,000 fans, norcal! They’re already reporting 10,252 season tickets sold. If the Cyclones don’t draw over 13,221 (number on hand for their Grand Valley State exhibition) for their home opener I’d be disappointed. The palace seats 14,356. Iowa State proudly boast a 73% winning percentage when playing at the "Hilton." As for the intimidation factor, I’m hoping CJ and others will be inspired by the size of the crowd not put-off by it. If Kansas and Kent State are any signs to point to, I know CJ will be. Gabe and Corey will no doubt be a bit nervous playing before friends and family. But, having gone up against Allen, Babb, Gibson, White, McGee and others (13 players named Iowa State their home) in the local YMCA Summer League program just four months ago, I trust once the game begins it’ll be just another game of hoops among guys you know. Gabe was teammates with White and McGee; Coery with Babb. Like most fans, I always try to look at upside potential and not fear the worse.

    For those with access to ESPN3 please post your observations on the Board. I’ll be attending the LU-Georgetown football game. A win (for either team) locks up the PL auto-bid to the FCS National Championships.



    Yeah, let’s just play. Allen with Iowa played for Michigan.



    Watching the Moutain Hawks win their second stright leauge title in football was great but missing the b’ball game hurt. Can anyone who was there, viewed the game on ESPN3, or in anyway has a take on the game, please post your comments. On the surface, losing by 9 doesn’t sound too bad, but I understand it wasn’t nearly that close. Best report (videos, too) I came across is linked below. One-sided but aren’t most fan blogs. … gh-by-nine

    Stat Sheet offers glimmers of hope yet not enough

    8 players see double-figure minutes, 11 see action

    AD makes this his statement game going 5 for 7 scoing 11 points while pulling down 5 rebounds in 22 minutes

    Stefan see his first collegiate action and hits 2 of 3 from long range in 7 minutes of court time

    Corey goes 2 for 4, a board, 2 assists and 0 turnovers in 20 minutes…..sure to push Mackey who was 1 for 2 in scroing and 1/3 in A/TO

    Holden gets 17 pts and 9 boards in 29 minutes

    Team’s quick start (again) in first half hitting 15 of 28 (.536)

    CJ solid yet not spectacular going 6 fo 14, grabbing only 3 boards yet assisting on 6 and turning the ball over 3 times. However, like to many times last year, he couldn’t hit from 3 (0-5).

    2nd half metdown (.371 shooting and just 1 for 10 in 3s) yet fought back from 20+pt. deficit to make it close at the end lsoing by9

    -10 in rebounding (28 to 38)

    LIttle or no defensive presence apparent in second half as Iowa State goes 17 of 26 (.654 shooting)

    Make 1 of 10 from 3 in 2nd half while yielding 5 of 10 to Iowa State



    I learned that I couldn’t view this game as I had thought, just wouldn’t work, not sure if it was a comcast issue or what…but I was following it online, second half meltdown,we just got blown out big time in 2nd half…I think they opened half outscoring us 30-10 or there about to blow it open. Greiner, again, bright spot for LU. Stefan came in and took 5 seconds to drain his first college attempt, a 3 pointer, naturally. He hit another one shortly thereafter, and AD had a nice game off the bench…got to hope for 3-1 out of next 4 games, get to 500 and start from there.




    Obviously, didn’t catch any of the ISU game. Very difficult place to play on the road in a hostile Big 12 gym. Didn’t expect a win. I do like a few things from the box score. More reasonable minutes for Hamilton (17), more minutes for D’Orazio (22), who responded with a nice game (11 and 5). Still need more production from McKnight at the PG position. He needs to be more involved in the offense (only 2 shots, 1 assist in 24 minutes). Like the freshmen minutes from Schaefer and Cvrkalj, who showed he is a downtown shooter.

    I think this lineup may be moving to the following:

    PG – Schaefer
    SG – McKnight
    SF – McCollum
    PF – Greiner
    C- Knutson

    May be wise to take the ball out of Mackey’s hands and let him play the off guard. He may be more comfortable and have less pressure as a slasher/shooter from the wing. You still get his defense and hopefully less turnovers at the point. He was a scorer in high school, so maybe that jump starts him. Then you have 2 wings off the bench in D’Orazio and Hamilton, and a spot up shooter against zone in Cvrkalj. You are going to need some size off the bench, primarily to defend and rebound, and hopefully that comes from Baltimore and Adams. Bench rebounding is going to be critical as they are small. But, I would like to see the smaller lineup in there to push tempo, and play a more pressing high scoring style. I think they have the athletes for that.

    I think the next 10 games are winnable, and they should be favored in all with the exception of maybe E Kentucky, who beat a solid Winthrop program on the road. Hopefully, they roll into MSU at 10-2.



    Interesting take, 90, but I can’t see Mackey playing anything else but the point – a position he played extremely well last year. I know he’s off to a terrbily slow start but give him time. It’s early. We have the luxuary of time with 14 more games to be played before meeting Holy Cross in early January. However, if freshman-like numbers (3.7 assist/game, 1.6 TO/game) don’t appear soon (say within two weeks), he could and should lose minutes to Corey Schaefer – a most pleasant surprise performer. As for scoring the basketball, Mackey has yet to impress me at this level, going just 46 fo 133 (.346) on two’s and 20/63 (.317) on three’s last year. I think the perimeter points will come this year from D’Orazio (perhaps beginning to show more comfort with the offense), Cvrkalj (sweet stroke and just may be the second coming of Michael Ojo), Hamilton (steady performer dispite an ugly game @ Iowa St), Schaefer (while running the point) and, of course, McCollum who’s a threat to go for 30 on any given night.

    Love you idea of going small whenever possible / appropriate to up the tempo of play. We have the athletes to do it.



    Mackey sure hasn’t gotten off to the start we had hoped for, but it is definitely early. I am hopeful he gets going, still lots of time for him to turn it on, but having Corey is great insurance. Love the small lineup, I am pro-running with our team and lack of size. If you run and trap all game you need a deep bench of athletes and we have that. The small lineup means CJ at the 3, which given his rebounding is do-able. This means less time for Hamilton, which was what should have been done in st johns game to get another ball handler out there, which I am fine for. Jordan is a senior leader which you need but more of a 15minute guy then he is 25 minute guy. If you run small with three guard line-up, and Jordan gets 15 mins a game, assuming cj gets his 35, leaves you with 70 minutes to spread between mackey, corey, ad, and stefan. Plenty of time to ride hot hand, and if you want pro-offense you go corey at the pg, with ad/stefan at the teo, cj at the 3.

    LU65 – I’m hopeful stefan more logie then ojo with the deep ball! Ojo shot was ugly, it went in sometimes, but he wasn’t pure from 3 like logie was. It will be interesting to see how stefans minutes workout this year.

    Everyone will get a shot this week to step up, by the time sunday rolls around these guys will habe played 5 games in 8 days!

    As for prediction for next ten, I would love to prove we are a legit mid-major program this year and win 8 of these.




    OO, we’re on the same page. Go small and run, run, run. We have the horses to do it.

    As for Stefan and the comparison to Ojo, I was merely saying wouldn’t it be nice to see 3’s drop at the rate they once did with Ojo. Yes, his shots were ugly but fell with great regularity – especially his senior year – and more than often provided the needed spark. Nothing against Logie. He was special.

    Ojo’s 3’s year 3FG% FG%

    10-11 .402 .414
    09-10 .363 .409
    08-09 .345 .329
    07-08 .500 .449

    Logie’s 3’s year 3FG% FG%

    02-03 .352 .431

    01-02 .398 .436

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