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    I’m starting a new thread to make it easier for us to find postgame commentary. I hope everyone will be civil.

    A few comments:

    1) I’ve been following Lehigh football way too closely for a long time.

    There are few games where you’ll ever see the team stats this close:

    First downs: 31-30
    Rushing: 322-287
    Rushing Att: 43-49
    Yards lost rushing: 4-2
    Passing completions, attempts: 20-37; 20-34
    Penalties: 9-70, 8-67
    Punts: 4-45, 4-45.5
    Kickoffs: 5-280, 5-294

    No turnovers.

    JMU had about 100 more yards today that Lehigh and averaged 1.5 yards per play more.

    Bottom line: This was quite an unusual game.

    It also was probably the first time in a long time where I was not surprised/disappointed Lehigh lost. They played very well in the first half; great for a first game with so many newer guys.

    Obviously there are numerous issues on special teams. But there were good things, too. Good to see some speed from Michael Anderson (short KO return) and Troy Pelletier (downed punt(s))

    On offense there were a lot of opportunities missed. Guys have to execute; they have to throw and catch the ball. Good to see the O-line play outstanding, even with a third-string RT. Sodeke ran better than I had expected; Yosha looks like the real deal, about how I imagine Leigh looking in real action.

    I was impressed Shaf threw a couple of balls away when he could have forced them into trouble. Loved execution on some short third-down routes. Hopefully he can grow into a top-notch Air Lehigh passer, who can connect mid-range and long. Do we have the receiving corps? I see no Kurfis or Spadola types out there … through Parris and Knott are speedy. Maybe someone will step up.

    Lots of issues on D, though its first half play was pretty darned good. DBs seemed to get lost in the second half. Did Lambert, who led the team in tackles, come back in second half after he got hurt? Could be long year if we keep giving up long runs and passes or pass interference calls.

    Fun stat fact: How many times do you see FOUR backs on a team have long runs of 24-46 yards? We gave up 326 on the ground. Do that weekly as part of a 600-yard offensive attack from the opposition and it’s going to be a long year.


    A good number of positives particularly on O. D in the 2nd half a sad replay of last yr. Pathetic performance.
    My takeaway tho is,other than Devine the cluster fuck that is our STs.So many unforced errors and missed FGs. We need major improvement if we hope not to repeat Fordham’s performance today next week vs UNH



    My 2 cents, which probably ain’t worth that:
    Really impressed with our running game. O-line seemed to really dominate, which was a pleasant surprise to me. Looks to me like Yosha and Sodeke are very similar ball carriers, quick and shifty. Yosha, in particular, seems to be able to make himself very small at the line, and avoid initial contact. I come away with some concern about lack of a power back. I don’t see either of those guys grinding out 3rd and 1s. Shaf appears to be the one most likely to break a tackle, and I can’t help but feel nervous when the QB has to take big hits. Maybe it’s not a big deal, if O-line continues to control LOS.
    Very mixed on passing game. The TD (to Gaul, I think?) was really pretty. But we saw a few clunkers, too.
    Once again, I think the D is the bigger concern. I don’t have the eye to explain why, but it felt like if the JMU runner got past the LOS, we were giving up big gains. We stuffed a few at the line, but there were a bunch of others where it looked like there was no “2nd level”. Is this a result of d-line being unable to occupy blockers and keep LBs clean?



    The team has solid potential and it is, obviously, too early to know how things will settle out. The above posts capture the key issues that include whether we are strong enough and big enough at DL and LB and alert enough at DB. RB’s and OL are good and schemes appear sold.
    Also, a team needs to make big plays at important moments and it did not do so at yesterday’s game: the dropped pass near the end zone and the badly overthrown short pass to a wide open receiver toward the end that neccessitated the field goal attempt.


    Watching game again. At least 200 of JMU yds came on pure speed runs. Speed kills. As a group our D fast but not top end like JMU has.DL dd well 1st half. For whatever reason they were not effective 2nd. Yes, JMU push in late 3rd and 4th moved us back 3 and 4 yds piling up our DL and LBs. 2ndary in man was very good. Zone,ugh,same problem as last yr. Ss both played well. Newton very very good. So far rest are non entities.
    OL superb. Sodeke, Yosha and Nick ran well.Sodeke patient used his blocks,not much speed. Yosha also but is quicker and fast. Kauffman one hell of a blocker.TEs and WRs all did well. Knott some good plays some drops. Nick had more misses than hits with long passes. My guess it will get better. STs needs a lot of work. Parris some nice PRs.Anderson looks like he can be good. Better communication and decisions a must.
    Pandy,smh. Blocked kuck a missed block. First miss a tough mss,the second he just clutched. Gotta fix him.
    Devine a major plus.


    We left bunches of points on the field. Youth ,I hope, is main culprit. Knott key to me. He can be a game breaker.Gotta remember ths is his first extended PT. Fix lack of focus. Also, Yosha. This was his first game at RB since HS. We have lots to fix but think at least on O it will be. D, I just dont know.



    My take aways from the game.

    1. Don’t ever base decisions on forecasts from the Weather Channel. They were calling for a 50-60 percent chance of rain. I had decided to skip going to the game and watch on the computer until I checked the forecast from a Lehigh Valley radio station. They said no rain until after 5:00pm. They were correct. There was not a hint of rain all day.
    2. I thought Fulmer called an excellent game. It’s been a long time since we mixed passes and runs as effectively as we did in this game.
    3. Shaf generally played and managed the game well. However, he missed 3 or 4 open receivers on long pass plays. If he connected on just one of those, we win the game. Hopefully, his accuracy will improve as the season goes on.
    4. The defense didn’t look much different than last year and are the reason we lost the game (along with the 3 missed field goals). We missed many many tackles all day. While the defensive backs were generally in good position they failed to look back to locate and possibly make a play on the ball. Our defensive linemen and linebackers may be too small to be successful at this level. In the second half JMU totally dominated the line of scrimmage. Without any stout defensive lineman, I wonder if our personnel wouldn’t be more well suited for a 4 – 3.

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    lol, me too. Altho,W right we would’ve gotten hammered on drive home. We all said that last yr also. Our DLinemen are fit for 4-3 . Guyles in paricular. A very good DT just not a NG. Stubbs and all 3 frosh are better fits for 3-4. LBs are fast athletic and play their asses off. Great pass coverage but overmatched inside.Ripanti and Caslow s\b olb. I’d ljke to see Kondas and Harvey at ilb. But,what do I know? Botts is a good DC. If it can be fixed,I think he will.


    Box score. Wonder why front 7.may have worn down.
    DL only Palma and Remington played more than a few snaps. Mitchell in for a play when Reed lost his hat. LB,Kondas and Robb. JMU O did limit subs but this # shows either a lack of organisation or depth.



    Difficult defeat, great effort, but, instead of FG attempt, how about going for a first down, plenty of time? We were NOT going to stop them in OT, not 2nd guessing, but I love to
    see them make the effort! What do YOU thing? Again, not trying to be Monday QB.


    Ahh,half the fun is second guessing :).
    Me,take the 3.OT we may not stop them but decent chance they stop themselves. Plus JMU D couldn’t stop our runs.



    Some of my takes from the game.
    1.)Pandy was to be a strength and Devine an unknown. FG kicking is far more mental than physical. I hope this doesn’t mess with his head. Does anyone know whether the fist attempt at the last FG was good. I couldn’t tell from my angle. Devine went from a boy to a man in one half. His 1st punt was really weak but somehow bounced and rolled itself for 45 yards. On the second one, the snap bounced off his chest, he tried to pick it up twice and then finally boomed a 55 yd punt. The two punts he stuck inside the 5 were things of beauty.
    2.)Nick hasn’t shown me that he can be accurate past 5 yards. His throwing motion still bothers me but he can sure run.
    3.)The offensive line was stellar and I loved the game plan. JMU never saw a running game coming in the 1st half.
    4.)Drops hurt us, esp the interception near the end of the game.
    5.)We were burned by a few big plays and body tackled guys that love to spin. However this defense looked more agressive to me and flew at the ball. DBs did a really nice job on those outside screens.
    6.)Yosha and Sodeke showed me a lot. Both exhibited a lot of “squirtability”
    7.) Whoever made that tackle at the end of the 1st half has incredible closing speed. I never thought he had a chance.
    8.)This is just one, very entertaining game. The result was disappointing but I saw great effort and a lot to look forward to.


    K was good. Would have loved Newton to get that int but he is a DT,after all.
    Not as down on Nick’s passing. Some drops and he overthrew a couple of open guys by inches and made a few beauties also. Touch needs to get better on long throws. Managed game quite well.


    Lots of common themes from everyone.

    I initially questioned not going for TD at end. I thought a TD was going to be easier, especially on the ground, but …

    I did not agree with all of OC’s calls, but I liked the balance and would give him a B+ over the entire game. Loved the success on the ground.

    Right about making big plays. That’s what killed us last year. Need to get several TOs each game …



    One note I wanted to add, the kid who made that closing tackle at the end of the half was CB Brandon Leaks. It was an incredible play.

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