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    Pelletier did not look close to 100% and probably should not have been in the game at all

    in the anit-gloom category, I did see a few positives; Mish is doing a good job place kicking, something we have not always had
    although the OL did not open many holes, I really think Brags is gonna turn out great, his pass blocking was good, something a frosh usually has trouble with
    DL is really very much improved and will be giving fits to the rest of our schedule, Cavenas looked really good, hope his ding is not serious
    Frosh kick returners seem very competent, will not be surprised to see them return one all the way before season is over
    Knott becoming the weapon we expected, hope he stays healthy all year

    face it guys, we’re not getting a new OC in mid-year, lets get off that wagon and move forward


    :) So no crusade to oust the OC,eh.

    So picket sighs would be over the top. Well,it’ll have to wait til next year.
    WRs A Soccarras,Knott,TP,Casey,Kesey
    OL. C+ Need to get the, healthy.
    TEs C. Could be better if used
    FB.Inc.Crawford ran out of RB slot,otherwise practically invisible
    QB. A Shaf is our entire O
    RBs B.Glimmers from both Bs. DB has shown hus toughness a.d speed.
    DL. B with Caveness. An actual force
    LBs.B Caslow Ripanti are excellent.Unit much improved behind. a DL that doesn’t emulate a sieve.
    DBs. D Are making more plays and being out of position rarer. Tackling is poor
    K. A Mish gives us a solid reliable unit.
    P. B Devine had a poor game vs JMU pressure but he will be fine
    KR. B Harris remarkable.



    Regarding FB – I did see Crawford catch a pass for a nice gain in the middle, which was nice to see. What I don’t know is if he was lined up as FB, or was he in the tailback spot at that point?


    Missed that one. Dont think we ever did a 2 back set. Probably as a RB.



    Wow you guys are being generous, so optimistic. I agree on Caslow, Ripanti maybe. Knott ok. Cavenas ok. The Dbs, horrible. Kr Davis…..remarkable…NO, has no vision. Kesley would have returned one out of EIGHT. They should’ve gave someone else a shot.


    Yeah I’m an easy grader :) Trying not to be totally pessimistic this early. Penn will give us a clearer picture of where we ar. Agree on Kelsey. He is a differnce maker. Has to be on the field. No disresect for Sansone but Kelsey s/b in first rotation with Knott,Trevor,TP and Casey.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)

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