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    Just rewatched rider game and focused in on Kempton, and man o man I saw so many things that I loved. Fresh bigs in our league with legit big size and a clue on offensive end don’t happen much. This guy has a serious clue on offensive end. He showed up and under move, he went righty hook, we saw lefty hook vs Minny, he faced up and knocked down 17 footer, just an array of moves day one from this guy is pretty amazing. Also, he’s so calm in post, when rider ran double teams on him he made the right pass each time. His SW for a cutting layup in first half and he spun baseline to find his roomie AP in corner for three balls a few times. This guys upside is huge, has shot to be best big ever to walk onto campus. He has a frame to put on another 20 pounds easy, and he will gain quickness and be a tough matchup in college game. He’s not a rim rocker, not going to out leap someone, not the best rebounder right now, but boy he is going to be special. Muscala wasn’t a rim rocking jump out of the gym and he was pretty special.



    I’ve been entertaining some similar thoughts too, 00. But I’ve convinced myself to hold my day-dreams until after tonight’s game. I want one more look…



    Even more impressive is his ability to not foul on the defensive end. Has not been a major factor altering shots and rebounding but understands positioning and controls his body very well at both ends.



    To me, TK is the reincarnation of GK and that’s not a bad thing. Tim is a bit more polished on the offensive end at this stage and Gabe had a bit more range.
    I’m enormously pleased with his post moves. The downside however is his inability to elevate and in the little bit I witnessed live, a tendency to not catch the ball cleanly whether on the pass or the rebound. He is young however. I’m not sure how much one can increase their vertical leap nor the softness in their hands but I’m certainly going to enjoy watching his progress over the next 4 years.



    SNY commentators gushing over TK’s post moves, and it’s clear why. Kid’s got game. IMO, his post game is much more like GK’s senior year repertoire than early in his career, which says a lot.

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