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    The Lady Hawks enacted revenge for their fall-from-ahead loss at West Point this year. The Lehigh women’s baskebtall team kept their 12-game home winning streak intact with a 66-57 win over Army in front of more than 1,500 fans. Freshman C Alexa Williams was the story of the game, nailing 13 of 16 free throws on Valentine’s day to give her 17 points and 4 rebounds on the evening. She joined sophomore G Erica Prosser (17 points) and junior G Alex Ross (17 points) with double-digits scoring, while senior G Tricia Smith got a scrappy 8 points and 8 rebounds.




    A Real Time RPI of 77 this late in the season is quite impressive. Of their six losses, I’m sure no one will fault them for losing, on the road, to Villanova (RPI 41) and Syracuse (RPI 50). Does anyone know of a better RPI being posted by a ladies team out of the PL with only two weeks to go in regular season play?

    The gals are quietly becoming the story of the year in basketball as the men slip further and further down the standings. With four games remaining on their schedule, there’s a real chance (see records and ratings below) they can finish 23-6 (12-2 in PL) before the playoffs begin. Best yet, LU will host Rounds 1 and 2 of the Playoffs beginning Saturday, March 7th. Three wins there and it’s off to the NCAAs. Dream on, Ladies. This could be your year.

    Remaining opponents:

    @ Colgate (5-20, 1-9) RPI 337
    @ Lafayette (8-17, 2-8) RPI 277
    Bucknell (13-10, 5-5) RPI 178
    Holy Cross (10-15, 5-5) RPI 220

    Combined opponents’ record: (36-62, 13-27)
    Average opponents’ RPI: 253



    ‘Ya know,

    I have thought for years, the Troyan’s deserve that "special season" you describe for Sue. I’m hopeful.




    Let’s get this party started!


    Troyan perhaps not the best bench coach in the past has manged her squad very well this year and she and Fran are examples of the best of Lehigh. Ncaa s for our women. They all deserve the trip finally



    I’m not going to get too excited, even with the home court advantage. I still remember getting knocked out by Colgate at Stabler in the 2004-05 playoffs. That was a 19-11 team who had the player of the year and the coach of the year.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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