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    Can we put 3,000 in Stabler on Sunday?



    I’ll be there with my family, so we only will need 2,997 more :)



    This is gonna be one nasty weather weekend.



    I wish I could be there. But it looks like I might be starting for the Sixers by then.



    Game Notes


    Lafayette (15-11, 7-8) ranked 213th
    Lehigh (15-11, 9-6) ranked 186th
    Lehigh wins 76-71 (70% chance)

    Joe Lunardi Bracketolgy (as of 2/19)
    Bucknell to face St. Francis (NY) in PIG….winner to face Virginia down in Charlotte

    Real Time RPI
    AU 139
    LU 141
    BUCK 150
    LC 155
    BU 181
    CU 189
    HC 196
    Loyola 216
    Army 238
    Navy 268

    Practice Makes Perfect – or nearly so
    Following our last win, Jesse Chuku told the WEEX radio listeners that he’s been watching Kahron Ross take more free throws than jumpers in practice of late. It seems to be paying off. Our pg is a perfect 15 for 15 over the last three games. In fact, since last seeing Lafayette – a game in which he hit 5 of 5 freebies, KR has connected on 38 of 41 (.927). His season-to-date mark stands at .827. And, that’s just third best among the guards with MS (.857), CS (.828) in the lead. AP isn’t far behind @.794. As a team, the Mountain Hawks are 39th in the nation and 2nd in the league in free throw accuracy @ 73.2%. Note: Our opponent on Sunday, Lafayette, is 13th in the nation and 1st in the PL. Speaking of Lafayette and the importance of foul shots, I quote from their game recap following our 4-point over then on January 24th: “The Leopards made it interesting late, but Lehigh continued to make its foul shots down the stretch, walking away with a 75-71 victory.” That day, we went 15 for 15.

    Remaining Three Games in Race to Win the League Title and bid to the NIT
    Bucknell* @ 11-4 to face: Loyola, @ Lehigh, American
    Colgate** @ 10-5 to face: @ Loyola, @ Lafayette, Lehigh
    Lehigh @ 9-6 to face: Lafayette, Bucknell, @ Colgate
    Boston U.* @ 8-7 to face: @ Bucknell, Army, Holy Cross

    *The Terriers have impressed of late, winning four of their last five. The loss was to Colgate in what was reported to be a see-saw battle. They come into Bucknell fresh of a series sweep of AU and look to even things up with The Bison @ 1-1. A win would be just what the doctor ordered for Lehigh.
    **The Raiders, albeit 10-5, have not been able to put back-to-back wins together with any regularity late into the season. Their last few games have read: L-W-L-W-L-W-W-L-W. I give Loyola a shot at home on Sunday. While Colgate did win their first encounter, it was by one point.

    Two Great Matchups on Sunday at Stabler
    Down Low….Tim Kempton ( 6’10”, 225 lbs.) vs. Dan Trist (6’9”, 234 lbs.)
    This will be their 4th head-to-head meeting with TK holding a slight edge is scoring (50 to 46 pts) and a large edge in rebounding (30 to 16). In PL play this year, Trist ranks first in scoring @ 18.3 ppg while Kempton seats in second @ 17.1ppg. Kempton leads the league in rebounding @ 8.6 per game; Trist follows in 3rd @ 7.2 per game.

    Up Top….Kahron Ross (5’11”, 155 lbs.) vs. Nick Lindner ( 5’11”, 166 LBS.)
    This will be their second head-to-head matchup with Lindner holding the advantage in game one scoring 19 pts to Ross’ 10. Their PL games-only numbers follow:
    KR 11.1
    NL 12.1

    KR 2.5
    NL 2.8
    KR .398
    NL .451

    May the snow and ice stay away and may we all enjoy this great rivalry.


    Like everybody else I expect this to be the most physical game of the year. Pretty obvious that opponents want a slow pace, pack around TK on every possession, and force us to score from outside. At Stabler, Army tried to play TK straight up as well as run with us, a prime example of how not to play Lehigh. Here’s hoping we stay patient and play our game, not theirs.

    BTW, roads around Lehigh Valley improving rapidly. Hopefully the overnight snow won’t scare too many away.


    Swept by Pards this weekend. Really tired of reading “tough loss”,”came up just short in comeback”.
    Today. KR 5-13
    TK 4-14
    Wont control many games when your 2 best dont hit.

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    Agreed, Rich. Hoping we can figure out how to get the same execution and intensity in a first half that we get in second halves. Bucky and gate games are looking even more critical now.


    after a good showing last time out, JC is back to himself again, and BA did not get on the court did he?


    Not that I recall.SC got his minutes. Pards did good job capping TK. Not enuf from rest of team.



    Box shows BA with 4 mins – but before looking I didn’t remember seeing him. His complete line was 1 PF, that’s it. I’m hoping he has a busy and productive off-season. I think there’s potential there, but significant development required.
    It was clear early on that pards were going to do absolutely everything they could to keep TK from getting position he wanted on the blocks, and it worked well for them. I have to believe that we should be able to turn that into opportunities for JG. I don’t think pards (or many teams) can effectively bottle up both of them at once.



    TK was brutal in first half. By my count missed 4 chippy layups. And, they didn’t really double him. I thought we got off to a tough start with seniors and it took us awhile to get warmed up. Started strong in second half and ran out to a lead but we let Pards chip away and steal it at the end. Poor job if guarding the jump shooter all day.


    Random thoughts on today from an unsophisticated long time fan….. Great game to watch if you’re not a Lehigh fan. Plenty of effort, for the most part. And maybe too much from TK. We forced it to him any number of times, and he forced a bunch of bad shots when he was heavily guarded. And missed a few peeps as well. He really tried to do too much. 4 for 14 from the field? I didn’t think he was possible of that. Actually I think that was the story of the day in a real rock fight inside. Officials let them play for the most part, and the shoving and grabbing went both ways.

    One call that made you think, maybe it isn’t our day; At the end of the first half with Pards up 2; they missed a shot with roughly 13 seconds left. CS got the rebound with nobody in the neighborhood, and was called for a foul. Crowd and Reed went all but ballistic. And of course they in bound and hit a long 3….to go up 5 at the half.

    As for BA, he’s looked lost since his rookie of the week. Lost his man today in the brief time he was in, for 2 the other way. I was an early fan of his (and still am) and agree he has a lot of potential, but his confidence may be shot for now. Last few games he seems to be playing scared of making more mistakes.

    Optimists would say, win the next two, and then the next three, and this goes away. Realist might say, we are what our record says we are. Pretty good on defense, but not yet consistent enough on offense to win consistently in this league. Bucknell seems to have gotten there. I think we can. Hopefully this year.


    After OOC, had high hopes. Once PL started,with the up and downs ,seemed we would go 1-1 with everyone. Potential turns to frustration with this team. A wi.ning record and build for next year. Hope for more but realistically we are just too inconsistent.



    Very poor effort in my opinion. Pick and rolls were set up, then the pass offs seemed unexpected! Too much standing around on offense. Watch the Pards, always moving, and spread out. Lead to open shots. We continually try to force the pass where there is no opening, leading to some key turnovers. Just seems to me the intensity/sense of urgency not there. Little to nothing from the bench. How bout the Pard fan yelling ‘frosted tips throughout the game. I wanted to go over and choke him!

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