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    As much as we praise KR and for the most part well deserved we can’t ignore the negative. Linder ate him alive in the 2nd half and was the difference in the game last 7 minutes. KR needs to improve on the defensive end and physically get stronger over the next couple years for this team to compete at an elite level.

    TK had a rough night but how do you not set up a final play with your potential POY involved. Pick and roll will JG then TK crashing? The reverse scenario is both players strengths. JG not a great Pick and roll player, much more effect crashing the boards and putting back misses. TK polished pick and roll player.



    I hope there’s an archive available, because I’d like to go back and look now. In real time, I didn’t have the same reaction to KR’s defense. It feels like Lidner took a number of contested jumpers – which I think is what we’d want. His penetration is the killer; I’d take my chances with his jumper, I think.
    I’d also like to watch that last play again. I feel like KR got a decent look, and AP’s was even better. The dice just didn’t come up our way.
    I do like JG on the pick and roll, though. It’s often led to that little baby lob from KR, which is usually pretty effective. I only remember one recent instance where it didn’t work, with a mis-handle of the catch. JG can go up and get that lob.



    I actually think KR is too tentative on the offensive end. He appears to be able to get to the rim anytime he wants, but doesn’t do it enough. With his quickness, moves inside in the air, and ability at the FT line, he should be attacking the basket every trip. He is not a very good pick and roll player at this point in his development. Lindner did eat his lunch at the end of the game. If I want somebody on this team to lock up the perimeter, my first choice is MS. His lateral movement and quickness are excellent.


    On the issue of KR’s defense on Linder, I’m with paFan11. I was at the game and erased the DVR in disgust without watching, so can’t go back to check, but I think in the 2nd half Linder got 6-8 points on pure drives around KR when the lane was open.



    TK had a rough night but how do you not set up a final play with your potential POY involved. Pick and roll will JG then TK crashing? The reverse scenario is both players strengths. JG not a great Pick and roll player, much more effect crashing the boards and putting back misses. TK polished pick and roll player.

    I never thought of it that way but the more I think about it I agree with this. Even more perplexing is that TK is a much better FT shooter than Goldy had a foul been called, so going to him would have helped with percentages.

    I would have liked seeing KR drive the lane and try to take a floating jumper. KR is the iceman when it comes to late FTs. But still, two, maybe three good looks in the last 10 seconds. Unlucky.



    Let’s face it – Lindner was out of his mind the last 10 minutes. Don’t he hit his last five shots – including a couple of threes? I don’t think that is really KRs fault, although he is a bit undersized as a defender. Why not put CS on Lidner instead? Corey has been an outstanding defender.

    The Pards had great senior leadership step up and knock down a lot of key shots down the stretch? I think the weakest part of our roster is our seniors. SC is a non-factor. CS is a great, clutch shooter – but he won’t shoot.

    We are placing our expectation on underclassmen like KR, TK, AP and BA. But, are we expecting too much of them to come through consistently when the game is on the line. I wish Doc would give CS the green light at big moments.

    TK and AP had great looks on that last possession. We just seem snake-bit at times this season.

    I think Doc could take the pressure off some with more aggressive defense – we have the most athletic team in the PL – why don’t we ever full court press!! Also, more set plays – instead of the breathless playground ball we seem to get into that results in 5-10 minute stretches with zero points ..



    Love you comments, gohawks63. Been saying much the same about Corey all along. It’s difficult to watch our best defender and highly proficient shooter (.425 overall and .400 from deep) be so passive. Maybe Reed has some surprises in store for us come playoff time.

    As for the Lafayette gamne………

    At the conclusion of play in last weekend’s PGA’s Northern Trust Golf Tournament (sorry guys, another golf analogy), Sergio Garcia said that de didn’t deserve to win the event. And guess what, he didn’t. The same could be said about the Mountain Hawks in their battle with the Leopards on Sunday. We didn’t serve the “W”…………not when Tim goes 4 for 14 and doesn’t score his first bucket until after intermission……..not when we gift wrap 16 points off turnovers……not when TK and KR, our two studs, combine to go 9 for 27 and each looked like they wanted to win it on their own and, in KR’s case, out-duel his counter-mate, Lindner. Many times throughout the game, hotter hands (JG @.625, CS @.500, AP @.500, and MS@.500) appeared – to me at least – to be in better positions to score. There goes that team-ball theory I seem to forever preach. Sorry, but when we share the ball we more often than not win. And, then there’s the final 12.6 seconds of play. What was KR thinking? Reed, always the diplomat, said it best in his postgame comments, “We thought we’d ultimately try to space the floor, give Kahron Ross an opportunity to penetrate and get a decent look…..maybe he has a chance to create for others. It wasn’t one of his best days.”

    Well, we won’t get a bid to the NIT. So, now onto our next goal: a date to play at home in the quarter-finals. And, it’s becoming obvious to me that with the spotty and ineffective play of CB, SC, BA, and KMcC, we’ll be asking a lot of our starting 5 + 2 come tournament time. A five day break following Colgate on Saturday all of a sudden becomes of paramount importance.



    Three things I know about our coach, no matter what personnel he has on roster:

    1) He won’t play zone
    2) He won’t press
    3) He is great in the fluff, I’ll give you nothing, interview. Cliché after cliché never to criticize anyone, players or officials

    You going to get man to man on defense, and the high screen and roll game on offense. Kind of like the NBA.

    It’s been discussed here at length, and I will never understand it, but those are 3 of his core principles.

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