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    Game Notes



    We await

    KenPom Rankings and Predictions
    LC (6-12, 2-6) Ranked 339
    LU (10-8, 4-3) Ranked 95th
    Lehigh wins by 23 (90-67)

      Around the League

    Navy @ Army……….Army by 4
    BU @ Bucknell……………Bucknell by 9
    Loyola @ Colgate……………Colgate by 2
    American @ Holy Cross………..Holy Cross by 9

    The “3”
    Can we expect Lehigh to launch a barrage of 3’s tomorrow? Checkout the “League-Only” 3FMG % below:

    LU on Offense 39.2% (#1 in PL)
    LC on Defense (42.8% (#10 in PL)*
    • Nationally, the Leopards are ranked 342nd in defending the 3-point shot

    Offensive Rebounding….2nd Chance Points
    Ranked 314th in the nation and 8th in the PL when it comes to pulling down boards on the offensive end, we need to show some immediate improvements if we hope to contend for the Title. For example, how is it possible that MH has no ORs in his last two games spanning 29 minutes of playing time? Or, how about PA with but 1 OR in his last 55 minutes on the court? In our three PL losses, we’ve lost the “2nd chance point” battle by a combined 16-27. I can’t help but think there’s a direct correlation to offensive rebounding.

    Killer Instinct
    As I may have mentioned before in the Navy recap, the instinct to put the game away when leading has been sorely lacking. This instinct should not have to be taught going up against our arch rival, Lafayette. Simply put, if we don’t see it tomorrow, we’ve got problems – big problems.

    Hope to see many familiar faces at the game on Saturday night.

    PS The BU (5-2) / Bucky (6-1) game tips of at 2pm on PLN


    Expect a big bounce back vs an even worse team than Navy. Wont mean much without putting together a winning streak.


    Atrocious 1st half.followed quickly by letting pards run 10 pts. What the hell is wrong here? We s/b beating them by 20.


    First half was very concerning. I wanted to also see the ball more inside to Tim. Know he had foul trouble but four shots. I think the way they kept changing up defenses on us really stumped us. How many times have we played vs Linder and had him go off like this. Lol. We should know how to defend this kid. Anyway. Good win. Not the best win but I figure we got to take what we can get. What’s everyone thoughts on tonight



    Sometimes good teams need to survive, that’s what we did tonight. We survived Tim in foul trouble, bad shooting and Lindner. In the 1st half, we took what the game gave us, they crowded TK inside, and we were too 3 happy. Then we did what we do best, attack the rim, and let that open up options. A big turning point was KR’s drive to the rim and the hard foul. Nick Lindner also hit some ridiculous shots, some we could do nothing about.



    One thing that caught my eye in the second half was some really effective “inside-out” play. The ball went into the paint, and when D collapsed, we got some very good, open 3s from AP and KL.
    When we adjust well to to the attention TK draws, good things happen. Some of those were also drive and kick moves too.



    What players were at halftime ceremony?



    Greiner, Bailey, Knutson, Manieri, Goodman, CJ by video



    CJ video was not shown on the stream – good stuff?



    Picking up on where Todd left off with “things that caught my eye,” I can add:

    19 for 23 FTs with 11 for 22 in the 2nd half

    play making = 15 assists on 23 MFGs

    Season-low TO’s with 10

    MH’s 6 boards

    AP’s dagger 3’s (4 for 8)…now .442 for season

    – – – –

    Bench scoring….2 points in 41 minutes (how long can we survive at this rate?)

    Flat performance coming out of the half when you’d expect the opposite, playing at home in front of your arch rival, decent crowd (2,220+), etc.

    A win is a win is a win. Take it and move on.


    about the bench, JC seems to have cooled off after some very promising play in OOC, like MH skills but he seems to have a hard time adjusting to speed of game, and BA just makes me shudder when he comes in

    still think TOs are the key, this team can play solid D and really has no problem scoring, when they don’t give up extra possessions they are hard to beat

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