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    Hello everyone, I’m fired up because I’m making the trek to Stabler on Sunday for the Laf game, been a while since I’ve been to Stabler so pretty fired up.

    I was wondering who is going to be going to the game, as I’d love to meet up with as many of you as possible. I spoke to 65 and TMH so I know they and 07 are going to be there on Sunday, so who else is going?


    65 mentioned trying to arrive by 11 to chat and watch warmups together, so I wanted to see if anyone else wanted to meet at Stabler at 11?

    Anyone want to pick a good meeting spot inside the arena to meet up? Perhaps behind the LU bench at 11, open for suggesstions and excited to see some of you guys.








    Been having some computer problems here so haven’t been able to comment recently. I will be part of a Lehigh luncheon which begins at 11:00 at the arena. Give me a time and a place and I will try to be there and at least get your seat # so I can come and chat a bit later.


    I won’t be able to make it to Bethlehem for the game unfortunately.  But along the same line, how about some attendance predictions for Sunday?  Last year’s Lafayette home game brought 2,914 to Stabler.

    I’d love to see 4,500 on Sunday and I’m going to optimistically predict 4,700.



    I’ll be there.

    LUHoops00 and others:
    Suggest we meet in the SW corner of the gym – floor level.
    Once you go thru the turnstyle and face the back wall of the arena, you’ll see an opening leading to that spot on your far right. Head toward it and turn left into the arena.There’s typically room to gather there. If closed-off for some reason, you’re welcome to head over to my seat (Sect. 4, RowEE, Seat 1).



    I didn’t think I would make it but now 50/50.  I am coming from CT on Sunday, so if I make it I will just be arriving at the tip.  Unless I get going really early.




    Will be sitting in Section 4 Sunday. My guess is we’ll get 3700 into Stabler for the game.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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