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    Your Preseason PL Player of the Year (Hall) goes 1 for 7 from the floor and ends up with just two points on the night! Your Preseason PL 1st Team Forward (Carrington) avoids foul trouble for the first time this year but leaves the game with an injury (sprained knee is the initial call)! Just when you thought our big guy had returned to his old self scoring 9 points and pulling down 5 rebounds in only 14 minutes of court time. Yet somehow we get a "W" and head into Turkey Day a +.500 team at 3-2. And, no one is begrudging us the two setbacks to Richmond and Rider, either. In short, we’re right where many of us expected us to be heading into the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s just that we got here in the strangest of ways with………..

    Unexpected contributions from the bench
    51% of the team’s point output
    Richmond – 23 of 53
    Rider – 49 of 71
    Quinnipiac – 39 of 79
    Monmouth – 42 of 86
    St. Francis (PA) – 33 of 76
    Playing time
    10 to 12 players are logging time each night
    13 of the 15 players listed on the roster have scored. Only Peters and Shamis have not.

    Unselfish play leading to more balanced scoring and rest for the weary (a factor that could come into play down the road) – not to mention making LU a more difficult team to defend

    21 of the 27 FGs last night were "assisted" and 24 of 30 two days earlier vs. Monmouth

    Standout freshmen performances

    Shooting Guard CJ McCollum
    16.4 ppg (4th in PL scoring behind Harris of Navy, Mintz of Lafayette, and Roemer of Colgate)
    named a started in his 3rd game
    25.8 mpg
    .458 FG%
    .419 3FFG%
    .833 FT%

    Forward Gabe Knutson
    named a starter in each of his 5 games
    6.8 rpg (team leader)
    5.0 ppg
    23.6 mpg

    Forward Holden Greiner
    6.7 ppg with 18 coming against St. Francis (PA)

    The steady and advanced level of play from SG Michael Ojo
    18.2 mpg (up considerably from 2008-09)
    8.8 ppg
    4.8 rpg (2nd on team)
    1.2 steals per game (tied with Hall for the team lead)

    Rob Keefer’s play off the bench (3 games – 28 points) after having been named a starter for much of his career and long remembered as the PL Rookie of the Year in his freshman campaign. Wasn’t he to be the missing scoring ingredient this year? He still may be but for the time being all eyes are on CJ McCollum.

    To these surprises add the steady play and court leadership of Marquis Hall (5 games / 39 Assists / 15 Turnovers/ 48 points (9.6 pg) in what appears to be (no time to check) a slightly diminished 30.4 mgp role and you have the makings of an entirely new team that has been – if nothing else – fun to watch. A team that has flown beneath the radar, too, considering all the press given to: 0-6 American, 0-5 Holy Cross, 4-1 Lafayette, and 3-1 Army. You gotta like it! Now if we could only get more than 600 people to make the trek to Stabler each night. Some things may never change.



    Make that St. Francis (PA), of course. Sorry.


    Either way , strange or not, the rotation seems to set us up well for the late season when we will need Hall and Z. Notice maneri rebounding last game. Adams, Keefer and Maneri plus Greiner off the bench with production bodes well for this season ;)



    You can add Jordan Hamilton to that list, as well. Out "sick" last game but shown to be effective in the three games he did play off the bench averaging 5+ ppg and nearly 3 boards. Bottom line, we seem to be getting production every where you look. Fun to imagine it staying that way when Carrington snaps out of his funk. Hall, second on the team in scoring with 9.6 ppg, continues to be an assist machine, ranking 2nd in the nation with 39 and 1st in the PL with 7.8 apg. With new found scoring coming from McCollum, Ojo, and Keefer……perhaps that’s all we need out of him and Small, i.e., play quarterback and hit their receivers.

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