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    It is interesting to hear the announcers on the Lehigh side while watching the webcast:

    They are appalled by the poor performance. Repeated comments involve the number of mistakes, that tackling is awful, that d -backs are mis positioned, etc. etc. Essentially they feel the team is mispositoned, not well prepared, and not well coached. This is from Mike Yadush et al.

    Clark and the coaching staff do not look ready for prime time based on the last two weeks.



    Thought it would be ugly ! It is really not fun to watch. Could it be that the preperation for these first two games are trying to send a message that we need full rides ? Mike Yadush touched on this at the end of the game, and I hope he is right.
    However, the defense was playing flag football, especially with it’s tackling. The offense…what offense ! Let’s bring a 3rd string qb in to run about 5-6 times (every time he was in). That’s imaginative.
    Bottom line… If the players are flying around, making big hits,or an occasional big play and look like they are having fun, it just may be exciting to watch. It has not been thus far. Andy’s quote of not blowing smoke that you will like what you see this year, has me scratching my head.



    Glad we decided to stay at home and watch the game on TV as it would have been demoralizing enough to sit in the drizzle and watch that performance.

    Not long ago Lehigh could play with anyone in 1AA and now we can’t even hold a candle to the scholarship schools. While I would like scholarships for Patriot League, I do not consider that the significant problem.

    We have to learn to tackle and our offensive play calling leaves much to be desired. Putting Lum in to get some work and then using the 3rd String QB twice in the series simply made no sense toward giving Lum some experience.

    I say give Clark the reigns again against Princeton but if we are not performing he needs a short leash in favor of Lum in the second half.

    Lehigh football has turned into a yawner the past few years and this season looks no different.


    Not as bad as I feared nor near as good as I hoped. D played hard but outclassed by Nova. Benning good . Nova Bigger faster more athletic. They seemed both O and D to lack any fire but they tried hard. Clark a bit better, Walker hurt, I think. Fitz looked OK. Colvin in at qb run run run but he’s good. Lum also in looked Ok vs Nova 2nd team. Zurn and Drwal looked ok some nice catches. Vast difference in talent level between us and top of CAA.

    Don’t know whether coaching hurt or help tonite . Nova too good. Coen has the bye week to get this team together. One thing is abundantly clear for whatever reason this team came into this year unprepared a bit better this week but not nearly good enuf. They were better than last week but they were so bad a week not enuf to bring them up particularly vs Nova. I thought camp was to get team ready. Coen seems to be doing it now. Why?

    Forgot the fumble. Bad call by refs on Walker fumble which Novaran in for td
    Its a shame. It used to be even when we lost to a better team we would scorepoints and scare them a bit. Now the only ones we scare is ourselves.

    Coen has notmade much progress as of yet to a Natl championship Well he has a bye week now to fix this mess


    Some of the ‘bad tackling’ was our defenders reaching for a runner who has sped on by. At times we had angles, but the VU runners had an extra gear that we don’t have. You can’t coach or teach speed. You can only recruit it, and until the PL goes to scholarships the ability of any PL team to get that type of quality will be very limited, and only luck will get a player with such speed on our campus. I also agree we were out of position at times as well which contributed, but partly due to VU play callling that anticipated our being over-aggressive to make up for our lack of speed. Countless times VU runners cut back against the grain and left our defenders grasping at air. I also still can’t believe some our play calling. I don’t think we ran the ball until about the fourth possession. We had the ball early near midfield with a 2nd and 2 and threw two straight incomplete passes! Reminded me of the fatal decision to not go for the first down against Colgate last year while trying to get in field goal range for a game winning FG.

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