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    I looked it over. Best case: 2 seed (Lehigh goes 2-0, Colgate goes 0-2). Worst case: 7 seed (Lehigh goes 0-2, Lafayette, BU, Loyola, American all go 2-0 – look it up, it can happen). If Lehigh beats Bucknell it will help on head-to-head tiebreakers. Other than than, these chips can fall pretty much anywhere. With one win it seems likely Lehigh will be hosting at least one first-round game. If Lehigh beats Bucknell and Lafayette beats Colgate, it will be winner-take-all Saturday for the No. 2 overall seed.

    Patriot League basketball, ladies and gents.



    Sheesh, wouldn’t that “worst case” be crushing? Fight our way up, and finish right where we were picked. I don’t expect to see that happen, but these are obviously two critical and tough games coming up.



    I think we get a split in the last two, not both.

    After seeing everything, I’m happy in the thought that Lehigh is the most talented team in the league. That means any game is winnable.



    It is pretty mind-boggling to consider that, with two games left, Lehigh could have either potential home field advantage through the semis, or be playing in the 7/10 PIG.

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