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    I think over the last 15-20 seasons that NCAA basketball has become basically a 3 point shooting game.  (For that reason, I would like to see the 3 point line pushed back to NBA or near NBA distance)   Generally, as we saw last year with Lehigh, whoever shoots it best from 3, usually wins.  The key to the success of a team is how do you get those 3 point shots.  I can’t recall the coach exactly, but it is one of the big name guys in the NCAA this year, who charts, as his number one statistic, “paint touches”.  Not points scored in the paint, but how many “paint touches” did a team get per game.  The reason he charts “paint touches”, is because the statistics bear out, at least in his program, and apparently, most others, that “paint touch” possessions result in a FG percentage of about 58%, while non “paint touch” possessions yield about 31%.  The reasons, when you actually think about it, are obvious.  “Paint touches” lead to easy layups, dunks, finger rolls, hooks and short jumpers for post players, but they also lead to open shooters when the ball is kicked out from the paint to the perimeter.  With teams collapsing in the post, a lot of those outside shots become uncontested.  So, applying this to Lehigh, it is obvious that next year’s team looks pretty deep with shooters from distance.  MM, CS, SC, AD to a lesser extent, and incoming JC and AP, all look to be good perimeter shooters next season.  The key is going to be can we get those “paint touches” to score easy baskets and kick to shooters.  That is why I think TK is going to be the key to this team’s success.  I think, going into the season, he is going to be our only real post threat player.  At his size, he should be able to establish position in the post against, generally smaller, PL posts.  JG and CB don’t really have this skill, yet, and we are not sure about SW or JC posting.  I think back to this season and how often Lehigh found success with HG posting, even though he is only 6″7″.  You can get 3 point shots by passing the ball around the perimeter, but the far more effective way is from inside out, from post to shooter.  So, I am going to be closely following this next year.  May try to chart some games to see how it bears out.




    I think ’90 probably has this right.  Until development is proven up front, I think we can expect to see lots of 3 guard sets.  I think that’s MM and AD, and some combo of CS and SC to start the season.  It feels strange to slot in a frosh, but I think it’s likely the case – TK, plus some combo of JG and CB.  6’10” who can score – no brainer in PL, I’m betting.  If SW works out, that could change quickly.  Don’t recall who said it here first, but I agree that he shows HG-type skillset.  And I REALLY hope that happens, too.  The boards killed us this year – I think we need to be able to play a big lineup.



    Here’s a brief look at our guards (4 experienced and 4 recruits – mostly raw) we’ll have when camp opens. I put Devon Carter in the recruit column even though he got into 9 games for a total of 26 minutes and hit 1 for 7 from the field.
    The experienced guys (MM, AD, CS, and SC) are just that – experienced ! Together, they have participated in 314 of the 326 combined games played. Heck, Mackey and Corey have each missed only 2 games since coming to Lehigh while all four saw action in each of the 31 games played last year. Here’s a brief look at their 2012-13 stats:

    Player / FG% / 3FG% / FT% / Minutes / Pts. per Min. / A to TO Ratio

    CS / .455 / .396 / .759 / 604 / .24 / 2.8
    MM / .429 / .308 / .788 / 1032 / .36 / 1.6
    AD / .403 / .349 / .556 / 717 / .28 / 2.3
    SC / .392 / .376 / .737 / 439 / .33 / 0.9

    All in all, you got to be happy with the returnees – perhaps the best set of backcourt returnees in the PL. As for the newcomers who wish to play the point, be prepared to learn from the League’s best in MM and CS.

    As an aside, over 4600 players competing in D-I basketball last year. See if you can name the seven – that’s all there were – who posted an Assist to Turnover ratio of 2.8 or greater while connecting on more than 45% of their field goal attempts. Give up? You probably heard a few of their names before. They are: Mike Hart of Gonzaga, Taylor Stormberg of Creighton, Trey Burke of Michigan, Todd Fletcher of the Air Force Academy, Eric May of Iowa, Tom Droney of Davidson and oh yeah Corey Schaefer of Lehigh.

    I, for one, expect to see much more of Corey in the coming year – with increased time at the point. Forget the unheard of A/TO numbers, Corey is a career .825 FT shooter and topped all the others in 3FG% last year. He uncovered new found success last year in driving the ball to the basket and laying up a high aching shot of the backboard. In my opinion, that shot – above everything else – led to the dramatic rise (.338 to .455) we saw in his year-over-year FG%. The son of a coach who is always cool, calm and collected (first noticed when as a freshman he drained his free throws against Michigan State under the glare of national television lights) is definitely my pick to grab everyone’s attention this year. His ‘all business’ approach to basketball is right in Reed’s wheelhouse.

    As for the newcomers, DC plus Austin Price, Miles Simelton, and Cole Renninger, it’s anyone’s guess as to what to expect. I’ve read the many board postings and viewed the numerous video highlight reels and can’t help but be excited over the prospects of finding the next CJ, Marquis (Hall), or Jose (Olivero) in the mix. On paper, my present day pick is AP.

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