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    No offense Chuck but either your long term memory only goes back about 10 days or I wish I had you as my grader back in my college days. I’m sorry but a defense that gives up 435 yd and 30 ppg should not be getting As and Bs. Just saying!!


    I agree with TMH, @lfnadmin. A little grade inflation maybe …

    Overall, you’re pretty right on. My biggest disagreement would be with the A- for DBs. A- for Bucknell? Sure.

    If I performed the way the defense did this year when I was at Lehigh, my gut tells me I’d have gotten lots of Cs and Ds — maybe an F — with low As or high Bs for the RBs and QB.

    Using a more objective (not sure it’s relevant) measure of grading — using team NCAA stats and an online Bell Curve calculator:

    Passing: Lehigh ranked 22 of 123 teams: B-
    Passing efficiency: LU rank is 48: C
    Rushing: LU rank is 49: C
    Scoring offense: Rank is 74; C
    Rushing D: Rank 89; C-
    Passing efficiency D: 87; C-
    Scoring defense: 80; C-

    BTW: This calculator claims that on a true Bell Curve — out of 123 students — 2 should get As and Fs each; 17 should get Bs and Ds; the rest Cs.



    Thank you TMH and Sunday. I didnt want to be the a-hole and party pooper. I agree with you both, especially your grades Sunday. The D is better than last yr thus far no doubt.

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