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    CAVEAT Most names are those interested in LU ,we are not necessarily recruiting them. O next to name are offers we’ve made.
    HELP best source of signing info are local papers. Itry to keep abreast of as many as I can. Would appreciate as much help as possible

    O Josh Padgett DL 6’3 220 Powell Oh
    O brandon Mercer LB 6’3 230 Richwood Oh
    Devin Moyer DB 6’0 170 Silver Springs Md
    David Smith QB 6’2 225 Burtonsville Md
    Will Smith OL 6’4 280 "
    Marcus Moore RB 5’11 170 Derwood Md
    Kyle jennings QB 6’3 190 Frederick md
    Zach Duprey TE 6’3 230 Standardsville va
    Andre frank DB 6’3 190 South Hills Wa
    Delvin Owens LB 6’1 215 Annap. md
    Manny Abad WR 6’1 185 Planation Fl
    Romell Haley DB 6’0 165 Indian Head md
    Ryan Welch DB 6’0 170 Ft.Myers FL
    Nadim Elhage DL 6’2 275 potomac Md
    Josh Orsino WR 6’0 180 Deerfield Fl
    Julian Jones WR 6’2 210 Baltimore md
    Jonathon Jun OL 6’2 265 St.Pete FL
    Brendan Tillet QB 6’3 210 Windemere Fl
    Miles Smith ATh 5’11 180 Argyle Tx
    Kevin Ankoh DL 6’2 230 Clermont Fl
    Aaron Oberst DL 6’4 245 Mass
    Mike Flack WR 6’2 185 Bethesda md
    Cyril Nuwororsso DL 6’2 260 Reisterstown Md
    Shawn Wilson ** RB 5’9 180 Malvern Pa
    TJ Waters ** LB 6’4 225 W.Phil cath Pa
    Joel Jorgensen QB 6’2 185 mc Donough md
    Patrick Tomlin OL 6’3 300 St.Pete Fl
    Nick Merrick QB 6’3 220 Claymont Oh
    Dwain McCray LB 6’2 215 Md
    Trey lefeged DB 6’1 180 Sil Spr Md
    Jalen Snyder-Cipio WR 6’3 185 Allentown cent Cath
    Bruce Kirksey Fb 6’2 225 Keystone Hgts Fl
    Bruce mapp WR 6’1 165 W.Phil. Cath Pa
    Cortez brown RB 5’10 175 Vero Beach Fl
    To be continued on next post in about 10 minutes


    Marcus Kelly RB 5’9170 Roman Cath Pa
    O Zach Zidian DL 6’2 290 Boardman Oh
    Ryan Kelly LB/WR 6’4 200 Harriton Pa
    Noah Robb S/ WR 6’2 160 Allentown Cent.Cath
    David Jones ** Ath 6’2 160 St.pete Fl
    Olivier Rigaud DB 6’0 185 Pembrook Pines Fl
    Zach Buzzard WR 5’10 175 Chaparral Ariz
    Myles carr** QB 6’2 210 Arcadia Cal
    Randall lawson DB 5’11 170 Clarksville Md
    John Loughery** QB 6’5 220 Hun Sch. Nj
    Ian McGeary O/DL 6’2 250 MN.brunswick NJ
    Raynard Ford QB 6’2 180 Lanham Md
    O CJ Williams DB 6’0 206 towson Md
    O Devin Campbell DB 6’0 195 Boardman Oh
    Raymond Beam WR 6’2 205 Morganton NC
    Reggie Thomas ** CB 5’11 170 Ableville ,SC
    With thanks to TMH
    Nick Zataveski OL 6’5 290 Delran NJ
    Genervus Flagg OL 6’3 300 Mercersberg Acad
    Sam Jowers*** DE 6’3 270 Westminster Acad.Atl Ga
    Dan Harding QB 6’4 205 Nazareth
    Andrew Bridgeforth WR "
    Adam Bridgeforth WR "
    Kevin Gulyas WR 6’0 170 Allentown CC
    Bryan Stonkus OL 6’3 250 So. Brunswick NJ
    Mike Yankovich QB 6’0 190 Don Bosco prep
    O Paul Federinko OL 6’5 310 Atholton Md


    Just a bump, additions to list have been put on.I will keep adding and subtracting as the need requires


    The Easton HS QB this year also doubled as a S on defense and is an excellent overall athlete. Not sure on his academics, but if good enough I’d like to see us go after hlm. I imagine we’re not realistically able to go after either the Nazareth or ACC QB’s this year, but a couple of their receivers may be FCS quality.



    I’ve been told by very knowledgeable sources that Lehigh has been recruiting both Harding and the twin receivers from Nazareth.



    You can add 6-3, 270# 3 star DE Sam Jowers of Atlanta to the list of Lehigh offers. … fid%3d1313



    Another name that Lehigh is recruiting Gerverus Flagg from Mercersberg Academy.



    OK..last one before bed. The Lafayette board reports the following:

    Nick Zataveski (6’6", 300, 4.2 GPA) OT/OG is getting strong looks from Lehigh, Lafayette, Albany & Bucknell.


    Thanks TMH , keep’em coming :D . Great catch on the mercersberg recruit



    Ask and you shall receive.
    Others to keep an eye on

    Allentown CC Super -receiver Kevin Gulyas mentioned to the Morning Call earlier this month that Lehigh is among several FCS schools recruiting him.

    Mike Yankovich QB Don Bosco Prep

    Bryan Stonkus OL 6-3, 250 OL South Brunswick


    Got KG, all the rest are new. You have become my new best friend :lol: Thanks


    List has been updated


    Offer Paul Federinko OL 6’5 310 Atholton Md


    Question on process: If we have made an offer does that mean that the recruit has signalled a verbal acceptance? Trying to judge how likely a recuit is to come if offered. Is there any historical data on % of offers that are accepted?


    Offer is merely that . Most names on our list are kids interested in LU. An offer we are interested in them. Offers that we know of marked with O. I have not included prospects to whom we offered but went elsewhere. such as Temple, air Force, Columbia and Syracuse. Historically the next 3 or 4 weeks most announced signings will be kids going elsewhere. :o Shocks me every year that anyone could pick a school other than Lehigh. :roll:

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