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    Game Notes

    LU Version
    http://www.lehighsports.com/assets/spor … 122809.pdf

    Longwood Season Stats
    http://www.longwoodlancers.com/custompa … amcume.htm


    Longwood -1

    Longwood (2-9) 81
    Lehigh (5-6) 79
    LU is given only a 42% chance of winning this game presumably based on its visitor status and the fact that Longwood has
    played a more difficult slate of games which included losses to William & Mary, Richmond, Old Dominion, and Virginia



    Things to be aware of………..

    Longwood’s sophomore center 6’6" Antwan Carter and senior guard-6’5" forward Dana Smith dominate play at both ends of the court. They……..
    ….score 45.2% of their team’s points (31.7 ppg)
    ….rebound 60% of their boards (14.1 rpg)
    ….take 39..2% of their shots (24 attempts/game)

    Longwood is not very long on depth with 7 players averaging > 23 mpg and only 8 seeing significant minutes per game (> 10 mpg). On the other hand, LU boast 12 seeing > 10 mpg and just 4 averaging over 23 mpg. They are: Hall, CJ, Carrington, and Knutson.

    Longwood is not a particularly good 3 point shooting team, posting a .295 3FG%. Sophomore guard 6’0" Walker and senior guard 6’1" Swecker taking 56.7% of the attempts.

    Longwood loss to Richmond 52-65 and to Columbia 61-72. Lehigh did the same and by nearly identical numbers, i.e., 53-65 to Richmond and 70-75 to Columbia.



    Game Noters from Farmville, Virginia………..

    http://www.longwoodlancers.com/document … df?id=1913



    It was like watching the pregame "shoot-around" once CJ and Keefer got going combining for a .583 FG and .750 3FG percentage and scoring 42 of the teams’ 89 points. Not a bad two-guard production. Neither could miss. At one point in the second half, CJ (starter) couldn’t get back into the game as he sat and watched his replacement, Keefer, drain three after three. But, as hot as they were were, so too were Longwood’s Smith and Mitchell who together combined for 40 of the Lancer’s 78 points and dropped 3’s as if no one was guarding them. Trouble is, we were guarding them and must do a better job against the three if we have any hopes of ending up on top in the PL. Longwood shot an impressive .416 overall and .500 from three. But, back to Lehigh, won’t it be fun if CJ (.600 tonight vs .207 prior three games) and Keefer (.800 tonight vs. .250 prior three games) keep up the attack – or nearly so – while Buchberger (.594 prior 7 games) pulls the trigger a bit more often and Ojo (.529 prior 5 games) finds consistency in his game – each from the three guard position. All this, with Zahir back (9.8 ppg and 9.5 rpg since his return four games ago) and Hall distributing the ball (averaging 6 assists per game over the last three) the way he does. Throw is two freshmen playing like sophomores in Knutson and Greiner showing little fear under the boards, and you have the makings of a pretty exciting season about to get underway in less than two weeks. Hey, we’re 6-6 and headed to Delaware State looking to go 7-6 with the final two preseason games at home in NJIT and Yale. There’s reason to hope for a 9-6 ending to OOC play – just where many predicted we would be.

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