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    The announcers for the Holy Cross game yesterday said 3 or 4 times that Brags was only the second guy in Lehigh football history to rush for 1,000 yards in a season. That doesn’t make sense. It seems to me that, at a minimum, all of the following guys must have rushed for 1,000 yards in a season:
    Jack Rizzo
    Rabib Abdullah
    Rod Gardner
    Ronald Jean
    Does anyone know the answer?



    There are nine. From the record book:

    1. Rabih Abdullah (1995) 1,536
    2. Ronald Jean (1999) 1,358
    3. Jermaine Pugh (2002) 1,339
    4. Rabih Abdullah (1997) 1,225
    5. Jack Rizzo (1971) 1,143
    6. Rod Gardner (1975) 1,112
    7. Keith Sherman (2013) 1,064
    8. Dick Gabriel (1949) 1,023
    9. Erick Torain (1990) 1,017
    10. Dom Bragalone (2015) 1,008

    They may have been referring to “rushing for 1,000 yards as a Freshman”. I thought Brags was the only one to have done that, though, he’s not the second.


    lfnadmin, you’ve got fast fingers and beat me to it. Note on Dick Gabriel…..1,023 in only nine games. To my knowledge all the others were 11 game seasons.

    Side note for me as a student those years, Dom runs a lot like Rizzo and his side kick Don Diorio during their careers. The two shared the back field for three years. Which leads to another interesting list:
    1. Rabih Abdullah 3,696
    2. Rod Gardner 3,188
    3. Jermaine Pugh 2,674
    4. Ronald Jean 2,422*
    5. Dick Gabriel 2,506
    6. Lee Blum 2,398
    7. Erick Torain 2,397
    8. Jack Rizzo 2,216
    9. Don Diorio 2,206
    10. Eric Rath 2,005

    Gabriel at #5 all time with 9 game schedules AND no freshman eligibility. Rizzo and Diorio also only 3 year careers.
    * ????? This is the order listed in the official on line list. lfnadmin….Help here on why its out of order? Is Gabriel fourth?


    expect to see Dom near the top of that list if he remains healthy, if I recall, didn’t Dom miss a game last year with a ding?

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