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    Yes, I know we shut them out, but I’m still not convinced about the offense.
    Defense was superb allowing negative yards on the ground, and threw their QB for about 7 sacks. Several completed passes went for negative yards.
    Special teams kept us in scoring contention, thanks to good runbacks by Kennedy and Cribbs.
    Lum retired for the day with only about 70 yards passing, while Campbell had a 100+ day, which is the good news. Colgan also had several good runs, and I disagree with some of the analysis here about the Wildcat play.
    It took us six consecutive possesions with good field position before we finally scored in the second half, which is pretty horrible.
    We did better with turnovers and major mistakes, but still room for improvement. Note that one of Clark’s pass attempts should have been imtercepted in the last possesion. JJH

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