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    Nice to finally get a W even if its over a 1-19 team.


    Yeah…we suck less!



    Glad to see that the team won against one of the worst team ever assembled in PL history. At stake? The title of worst team in the 2016-2017 PL.
    I assume that LU coaching staff thought that by losing they’d get the first pick in next year’s lottery because they did everything in their power to lose this game.
    The Leopards are like the NFL Cleveland Browns. Those poor girls would have missed every single layups had they been alone in their own gym. But they just make two more of them and we go home with our tails between our legs. So, yes, you follow social media and you see all the nice stats and career highs and you listen to the post game interviews; “we are young”, “give credit to our opponent”, “we have a lot of work to do”….
    But here’s the truth: we won because of 4 things;
    – MW hustling every second spent on the court
    – HP only basket but at a crucial time
    – Q’s only basket but at a crucial time
    – BD’s performance
    The rest is just total partiality towards the one class we all know and total disrespect for the rest of the team.
    “They” do not even hide anymore their obvious fondness for their youngest recruits. They’re the only ones given a pass for everything they do and the only ones given feedback and guidance on the bench.
    Did I mention that we were out-rebounded again? I wish we had rebounders.. Oh, wait….
    We also had a 6-14 ratio for A/TO but the info did not make the last tweet.
    I will end my rant with a big shout-out to KB. Her treatment is just despicable.

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