LU 86-69

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    Couldnt watch but a W. AaA foul line victory.



    Most points LU scored in PL play this season. Good bounce back game from Q



    They still won’t start HP who’s been carrying the team lately. But as the video screen says: our 4 freshmen were in State championships a year ago”.
    I guess feelings and egos cannot get hurt.
    Anyway, first quarter goes to HP. Huge spark off the bench.
    Second quarter goes to Q (whose confidence is back)
    Third quarter, freshmen blow the lead
    Mid fourth quarter, we call the cavalry and BD, HP and Q save the game.
    Lucky for us, good old Joe from Loyola is worse than “ours”.
    KB once again humiliated (about half a minute) but the kid keeps smiling and cheering.
    More discipline and half court sets during the first half.
    None in the third quarter. Back to run and gun offense.
    Sloppy 4 out 1 in type of flex offense but kids can’t even recognize a mismatch.
    A few questionable calls from GR. None worked actually.Led to turnovers or jump balls.
    Good free throw shooting.
    Loyola’s freshman (10) is the best flopper in the league.
    Officiating crew very partial after giving a T to Loyola’s coach. Most calls after that favored LU.

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