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    One person’s embarrassment is another person’s accountability.
    16 baskets for 17 turnovers.
    21 assists for Navy vs 8.
    43 rebounds vs 31.
    If you did not know that Navy would play a 5 out or a 4 out 1 in offense, none of you should be a professional D1 coach. Once again, the team was unprepared. And then you dare blaming the kids on the radio for their lack of effort and lack of toughness??? Sit them then and play the ones who want to play if it’s the issue.
    Out-rebounded (by a team with no one above 6’0), out-coached, humiliated and embarrassed.
    I could care less how bad the kids play. You failed them. Again. Before and during the game.
    Next time, just Google what to do.

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