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    Newton was double-teamed on almost every play it seemed. The emergence of a credible pass rushing threat on the other side would help a lot. I feel Newton is a playmaker but it’s hard with two or three 300 lb OL in your face all day.

    I’d throw Bourgeois in there as he showed me a lot when he was on the field. That strip and recovery was a very good play.


    Good Lord no,LG. 7-4 and a win in150 is a good yr for me. 0-2 not fun but we will not face another team as good this yr. Other than GU no cupcakes. Both these games had flashes of ood on O and STs. D a cluster fuck so far. Up to Botts and staff to fix it.esser competition will help as will players not being out of position. The latter due in major part to DL issues. We are unlikely to face OLs as big and talented this yr which will help :) Moving Stubbs,Cavenas up cant hurt.
    Injuries Knott,even with drops a serious loss. Parris ,a very good PR and 2nd WR. Not a go to guy so far. Pelletier has to play. I understand WR in our O is not a quick or easy learn. Use him and Kelsey,if healthy now,in sets they have learned. Folmar also seems to not use TEs of RBs much in pass attack. May be that they were kept in to block.
    Leigh has to play.
    OL dinged up. Hopefully Duffy and Nunes can return quickly.
    2 deep will be interesting this week.


    nothing like an 0-2 start to get some controversy going, my 2 cents; front 7 looks like last year again (agree with Rich, Botts needs to fix this or it is going to be a tough season), our playbook really limits frosh playing early in the season, is it better to play them and accept some errors or ease them in as season progresses? we have been successful with the latter but I defer to coaches for that decision, Frosh Leigh looked good but it was not against the UNH first team, Sodeke was MIA after hard running in game 1, dinged? need some WRs to step up



    Very funny Cobb,”offering suggestions not knowing info” and “having no idea of what goes on in practice”, and still you have an opinion on the team is interesting. A very loud voice for someone that claims to not be involved. If you only are around to watch Lehigh 11 weekends a year tells me that YOU are not just a common fan that attends just home games, and I get where you are coming from. BTW, playmakers, leaders, players with heart, over achievers etc, The things that got us 18 wins over the last 2 seasons………..shouldn’t be that confusing, but then again you are not really that close to the program. Boils down to coaching and heart, step up or sit down. See you at Yale.



    I think Miller has taken over for LehighGuy and Hawkineer as my new favorite poster.

    Miller, you get an A!! Would have been an A+ but it seems you don’t know about the internet. You can watch the games on there that aren’t on TV.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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