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    Not sure if anyone else is making the pilgrimage out to minny in November, but the ticket situation isn’t helping the matter. I called lehigh today and as of now they aren’t getting a visitor team allocation of seats to sell to their fan base, amazingly I know. They said they still might get an allocation but aren’t sure! Williams arena is 14000 seats, how can we not get 500??

    Makin matters worse as lehigh waits to see if they get tickets, minny has the lehigh game tickets on sale tomorrow morning, but per their box office very little lower bowl left, due to season ticket demand.



    No dice here. Was hoping to work it out, but trip isn’t gonna happen. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it up for a home game or two…

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    I used Stubhub last year at VCU, probably looking to do the same if going to Minnesota. I paid a premium but not crazy.

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