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    Game Notes's%20Basketball/2017-18/10%20-%20Mount%20St.%20Mary's%20at%20Lehigh%20Notes%20120917.pdf?_ga=2.118411855.717255903.1512683958-1620552556.1510069857

    KenPom Prediction

    MSM (3-6, 2-6 in D-1) Ranked 293rd
    LU (4-5, 3-5 in D-1) Ranked 198th
    LU wins by 8 (79-71)

    How KP sees the order of finish in the PL
    Bucky 14-4
    AWP 11-7
    N, CU, LU 10-8
    BU 8-10
    LMD, LC 7-11
    HC, AU 6-12

    Odds and Ends

    How Mt. Saint Mary’s took Pitt into OT before losing by 4
    P.S. You may recall we lost to the Panthers by 12

    Both LU and MSM are having their troubles defending the 2-point shot and clearing the boards on offense. Who can do it better tomorrow and will it be the “key” to a win?

    Defending the 2FG
    MSM 57.8%
    LU 56.8%
    Offensive Boards
    MSM 18.4% (only 4 teams have more difficulty)
    LU 23.4%


    interesting starting line up, maybe a message to some guys after the Yale effort



    Only 5 mins for Andree off bench. Took 2 threes and missed both. Apparently, he’s going to have to adapt his game to get minutes. Three first year players starting now.



    Lehigh needs a player like Andree, he just needs to be better. Doesn’t shoot consistently enough to be a real shooting threat, doesn’t rebound well for his height, gets out-muscled inside and isn’t quick enough to defend the perimeter.

    Pat needs to shoot more consistently and figure out how to be helpful on defense, either inside or outside. Otherwise Bennett is going to take his time. Bennett is very athletic and is a constant shooter on open 3s. It would be great if Pat stepped it up in response to having competition.


    Pat didn’t practice two days in a row. He is nursing a ankle injury suffered in prior game. I could see it was still bothering him. I think the lance benching was more of a defensive change and a message sent. Just my opinion. People should be talking about Karnik. All I will say is this kid will be special

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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