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    Really interesting article below for those interested regarding a new rule put in place by the NCAA. The article can be summarized by its most important paragraph

    “This summer, coaches will be afforded limited time to interact with players per new NCAA rules. For up to two hours per day — and up to eight hours per week — coaches can work with their players, including incoming freshmen, in varying capacities. The January approval of the new rules served as an extra gift for the holidays among coaches who’ve fought for the extra access in recent years.”

    Another important paragraph
    “The measure, adopted by the NCAA’s board of directors, says, “In men’s basketball, a student-athlete who is enrolled in summer school may engage in required weight-training, conditioning and skill-related instruction for up to eight weeks (not required to be consecutive weeks). Participation in such activities shall be limited to a maximum of eight hours per week with not more than two hours per week spent on skill-related instruction. An individual who is not eligible to use the exception to summer school enrollment (Bylaw may participate only during the period of the institution’s summer term or terms (opening day of classes through last day of final exams) in which he is enrolled.””

    From what I’ve gathered it is a fact that DC is arriving on campus in July to take summer school, workout, and get acclimated to the school. I love DC, this kids work ethic is going to be second to none, I think he’ll be legit but who really knows…but what I do know is his attitude and leadership and work ethic will be second to none..he is a great kid, truly a get to the program and I look forward to watching this young man develop….also, it seems as if JG is coming to summer school as might be thinking, what about JC, well JC it appears is in London working out and trying out for the national team, think Under-20 UK Team…Now it also appears HG is in summer school, so perhaps he is taking advantage of this new rule and getting his hours in with the staff…CJ for those wondering, outside of the CP3 camp which he just completed, and the KD and LBJ camps that are upcoming, has been working out with his bro in OH with a trainer…..and will be playing in the cleveland pro-am league…anyone in cleveland who can watch and support CJ this summer, please go and support and report?!

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