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    Today, I will suggest you one new and interesting sport: Headleg. The rules of headleg are quite simple. Team squad size is min 3 v 3 max 5 v 5. Player holds ball in his hand and then passes it to another one. While he has ball in his possesion he mustn’t  make a move. Team scores a goal if player after assists of his teammate kick the ball with his head on the way that it should cross a line. Game is held indoors, because to players of headleg could use walls, goalposts and crossbar. It is not allowed to hit the ball at the ground, except player did it for pass. Game ends after 10 scores and sides are changing after one team scoring 5 goals. Size of goals and dimensions of pitch are not strictly set, but the optimal conditions of play could be used when goals would be like in handball and terrain area should be like in mini football. Fouls and penalties shouldn’t be used at all, except in exceptional cases. If the player of defending team accidentally throws the ball into corner it is a goalkick for that team. On the other way, if the player of defending team deliberately kicks the ball out the play, it would be a corner kick for offensive team.                                                                             I hope that this guideline was helpful for understanding this new and beautiful game.



    Hello Markomaki,

    Congratulation to you. It is very interesting Headleg sports topic. The rules of headleg is very nice. I will try to play with me friends. I have no ideas about new Headleg sports. Thanks for your sharing the new and beautiful game. I hope you will stay and enjoy for a long time in this community. And share your new thoughts,

    Thanks a lot.

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