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    A tip of the hat to the Hawkineers for pulling this one out!
    I’ll leave it to those who are in a higher pay grade than I am to decide who gets to coach the team next season. In my talks with fans today, it is NOT unanimous feeling that Coen should go. JJH


    Far from unanimous. Great win. Key only 1 penalty. My heart stopped when we missed the EP.Here we go again. But Pierce steps up. 2 wins this yr by td or less. Best he’s done . Clark lots of great throws . LC front 7 were as advertised harassed him all day and shut down run. He and wrs carriedteam. Curley frustratingly good. LC mistakes and penalties looked like us all year. refs bad foe both teams but for 1st time we got more calls than other team



    That was a great win, once again knocking Lafayette down a few pegs. I’ve been amusing myself by reading the Lafayette board. Everyone should try, here is the link. … -asc-0.php

    It just brightens my day to see all the excuses flying around. I think it’s only a matter of time until someone says, "it was too nice of a day, damn weather screwed us". Every additional post brings another smile to my face. :D Apparently we don’t need to have a recruiting budget, all it takes to beat Lafayette is "bad officiating" and Frank Tavani.



    A very entertaining game with some real oddities.

    Each team drives the entire field for a TD. That is a rarity.

    Overtime takes just three plays from scrimmage.

    For the second week in a row a punt is fumbled into the end zone and results in a touchdown. This time for the good guys.

    All of a sudden Frank Tavani seems to be channeling the spirit of Pete Lembo in these games. Not starting Curley last season and not going for the field goal this year.

    I can understand why the Lafayette fans are scratching their heads. I kept think something would go wrong up until the moment Pierce made the interception.

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