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    Lehigh (8-6) vs. NJIT (0-9)
    PL (27th ranked) vs. Great West (32nd ranked)

    Game Notes: Not yet published

    Rankings (345 D-I schools)

    Sagarin: 155 / 341
    RPI: 161 / 336
    Pomeroy: 188 / 336

    Resulting Line and Odds of Winning

    Sagarin: LU – 12
    Pomeroy: LU wins 73-61 (87% Chance)

    National Ranking Comparison

    Lehigh 71.6 137th
    NJIT 61.4 308th

    Lehigh 35.6 180th
    NJIT 32.9 280th

    Lehigh 11.6 274th
    NJIT 13.4 162nd

    Lehigh .417 254th
    NJIT .407 286th

    NJIT and the Patriot League

    NJIT is 0-2 with losses to Army 60-63 @ home and to Lafayette 56-72 in Easton


    The Mountain Hawks are destined to finish 9-6 in the pre-season or, if you prefer, OOC play. A loss on Tuesday night, resulting in an 8-6 finish, to a team four rungs up the D-I ladder from its pit would be a true kick in the head for a team just four days removed from the start of Patriot League play. Let’s hope we avoid the pain.

    The Highlanders are winless in D-I play. Yet, you never know what team will take the court. The last time out in a game at SF(NY) they scored just 47 points on 35% shooting with 20 made baskets. Two days earlier in a game played at home, they gave LIU all it could handle scoring 82 on 50% shooting with 32 made baskets. Of course, both went down as losses. So, which team will take the floor tomorrow night?

    NJIT will probably go "small" to start Tuesday’s game. Then again, what else is there? No one on the roster with points to their name (McCarthy is a sophomore who stands 6’10" but hasn’t scored yet this year) tops 6’8" and that one guy, Silcott, is a freshman who will probably give way to another freshman, 6’7" D. Johnson when the opening tip is contested. Neither Silcott of Johnson appear to be scoring threats, anyway. They average 2.2 and 3.5ppg, respectively. Points instead come from the wing men: Wilson, Wilkerson and Flores. When it comes to rebounding the ball, Wilkerson and Wilson also lead the way but neither averages more than 6 per game. Simply put, if we can’t win the rebounding battle on Tuesday we probably never will.

    I look for Coach Reed to demand and get a complete game out of his troops with emphasis placed on rebounding and sharing the ball. Both are areas of concern as the numbers show. Lehigh’s -2.9 rebounding margin is 6th best in the PL, allowing teams – on average – to bring down 38.5 boards/game. Lehigh also ranks near the bottom of the league in helpers with 11.6 assists/game – good for 7th best in the PL. That’s a 3 iron away from their league leading assist total of 15.0 per game from their championship season a year ago. Eight against Yale and six against USC is not "Lehigh Assist" basketball we have grown accustomed to seeing under Reed and his mentor, Billy Taylor. While it’s not commonplace, a tendency still exists for players to stand around at key times waiting for CJ to perform his magic. And, the blame is not his. If anything, you’ve got to be impressed with his play-making ability, steal and assist totals. He has also pocketed, to his credit, a number of shots you might have expected him to take in deference finding the open teammate. Finally, assuming we get the lead, let’s see if we can add to it! Far too often we have lost our focus and allowed our opponents to go on a big run or two when, with consistently applied "D," we could have closed them out far earlier in the contest.

    See you in Newark!



    Game Notes:

    http://www.lehighsports.com/assets/1/wo … /42069.PDF


    Any idea why McKnight did not play tonight?



    Anyone’s guess. I can only assume at this time it was disciplinary in nature. Maceky dressed for the game.



    I too am curious as to mr. mcknight’s whereabouts last night. From all I’ve read and heard, both from coaches at high school/aau and reed in pre-season, mackey is one heck of a bright kid who has his head on straight so I’d be shocked if it were disciplinary, but at this point I’m almost rooting for that because we can’t afford him to be hurt and miss time…the kid is to important to the team for that.

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