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    Game 1 L 59-64
    Game 2 W 75-64
    Qt. Final L 46-47

    Game 1 W 57-52
    Game 2 W 58-53
    Qt. Final L 61-64

    Game 1 W 77-57
    Game 2 L 55-82
    Qt. Final L 50-53

    Game 1 W 73-55
    Game 2 W 78-66
    Qt. Final ???????

    Despite going 6-2 in the regular season against Army over the past four seasons, everyone likes to point to our three straight losses in quarter-final playoff action. Will this year be different and, if so, why? Your thoughts ………..

    Stats, Game Notes and more in follow-on posts.


    Just because….We’re a lot better than Army. In past years, we won the regular season, most of the time, but most were close games. I just believe we have a lot more talent. Still, the players have to focus and play hard. One thing we do know, Army plays hard and will come in psyched with that great pep band…



    More numbers to chew on in the hours leading up to the big game. They all seem to point to a Lehigh win, but will that dreaded quarterfinal history repeat itself?

    RANKINGS (347 D-I Teams)
    Real Time RPI
    LU: 170
    Army: 249

    LU: 214
    Army: 258
    Line: LU-7

    LU: 199
    Army: 251

    ADJUSTED OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE EFFICIENCY (347 D-I Teams) – another Pomeroy report…. Raw offensive efficiency is points scored per 100 offensive possessions. The adjusted version adjusts for the quality of opposing defenses, the site of each game, and when each game was played (recent games get more weight). Defensive efficiency is points allowed per 100 defensive possessions, adjusted for the same things.
    LU: 104.1 (129th ranked)
    Army: 88.0 (326th ranked)
    LU: 107.1 (275th ranked)
    Army: 97.0 (103rd ranked)

    ADJUSTED TEMPO – another Pomeroy report…………. We can estimate possessions very well from box score stats by using this formula: FGA-OR+TO+0.475xFTA. For each team, possessions are counted for the team and their opponents, and then averaged. A team’s average tempo is total possessions divided by minutes. This value is then adjusted for schedule, considering the preferred pace of each opponent and when each game was played.

    LU: 70.7 (44th ranked)
    Army: 64.7 (286th ranked)

    LEHIGH GAME NOTES … 030410.pdf

    Lehigh (3-1)
    FG% .509
    3FG% .456
    Rebounds 33.8 per game
    Army (1-3)
    FG% .409
    3FG% .290
    Rebounds 26.8 per game


    Lehigh (2-0)
    FG% .490
    3FG% .432
    Rebounds 35.5 per game
    Army (0-2)
    FG% .367
    3FG% .304
    Rebounds 34.0 per game

    CJ McCollum 23.5 ppg / 6.3 rpg
    Hall 12.7 ppg / 4.6 rpg
    Carrington 12.2 ppg / 6.1 rpg
    Knutson 11.3 ppg / 5.1 rpg
    Richards 13.1 rpg

    LU is 82-28 (.745) at Stabler all time
    12 wins at home this year (most ever)
    Averaging 76.1 points per game on 46% shooting in our 14 home games this year



    For those who would like to relive a classic, I present the story of our win over Lafayette on 2/22/04 – the day on which we set a basketball attendance record at Stabler with 5,206 on hand. It was also the year in which we won the PL Championship and went onto the NCAAs. … GAME_ID=65

    Back in those days the students showed their undying love of the game and their team. They were known as the "Crazies." What fun! Stabler actually rocked. Cut and paste the address below to catch to a glimpse. … ex.html#38

    It’s been a long six years but we’re back and back in a big way this year. And, I know that Stabler is a bit out of the way and I know that the students have papers to write and exams to cram for – not to mention scores of other entertainment options – but I can’t help but think they’re missing something special this year by staying away from Stabler. Seniors, this is your last chance to CJ play. Not sure what the price of admission is, but he alone is worth every penny of it. Here’s hoping we can once again rock Stabler tomorrow night. I hear some of the "Crazies" from yesteryear will be there, too – perhaps bare chest and all.

    bogus megapardus
    bogus megapardus




    Full disclosure: I can’t make the game on Wednesday (day job, you know) but you can bet I’ll be there Sunday if we win.

    Back in my undergrad days (the late Pleistocene era, or post-Axlrosian/pre-Nirvanian era) Stabler averaged (no, not a typo) 3,000 fans a year in Lehigh’s waning years in the ECC in basketball. The student section packed underneath the baskets and unfurled playboy (and playgirl) centerfolds to distract the opposing free-throw shooters. It was a great time – which rapidly came to an end, pretty much, in the mid-1990s as Lehigh basketball hit the serious doldrums. Despite the occasional championship game or "Rivalry" clash with large numbers of fans, no season has come close to those days of yore yet.

    I think the reason why those years were so packed were because we had been to the NCAA tournament twice in recent memory – and played pretty well against Temple – at that time. You have to remember that while some of the recent undergrads might have hazy recollections of Austen Rowland’s very brief NCAA tournament appearance, the fact that we didn’t play a Kentucky or Boston College in the tournament meant it didn’t have much a ripple effect for attendance for ensuing years.

    Lehigh fans are definitely "show-me" fans. There will probably be a decent 1,200ish showing this Wednesday, more on Sunday (if it comes) and more on Friday afternoon (if it comes). The more they’re shown, the more they’ll respond.



    If we get by Army I worry about attendance on Sunday. The students head out on break following Wednesday night’s game.



    What other schools are on Spring Break beginning March 8?


    A good portion of the entire country will be on Spring Break on either of the next two weeks. I know my son’s university in Florida begins Spring Break this Friday.



    That is amazing. Who will be around to cheer these men and women on? Will it be some of the local posters and some of the town folk. With the PL championship, you would think they would schedule break at a different time, at least for this portion of the playoffs. What do I know, new to college ball.



    ARMY Game Notes: … PSID=48141

    As always, insightful and well written.



    "norcalfan" wrote: That is amazing. Who will be around to cheer these men and women on? Will it be some of the local posters and some of the town folk. With the PL championship, you would think they would schedule break at a different time, at least for this portion of the playoffs. What do I know, new to college ball.

    I’ll be there, if we make it, this Sunday and next Friday. 8-)

    The break has always been, pretty much, an unhappy byproduct of the calendar, and it’s not dictated by the sports schedule. FWIW I remember back in the ECC days the championship final was during the week right before spring break. I’ll never forget piling in a van on a weekday and heading down to Towson (and, ahem, missing some classes to do so) to watch Lehigh in the championship game. I also remember the first round of the NCAAs coinciding with spring break, because I remember coming home on a Thursday and realizing that Princeton was a jumper away from upsetting Georgetown in a first-round game. (Back in the days when the tourney didn’t have every game on TV, basically, and when ESPN was still a small player.)

    You’d be surprised, though. More people will show up than you think for all the games, I think. Since the first round game is basically the last chance for the students to see our team before the break, I’m beginning to think that we might see a pretty large student turnout. And it’s not just a PL phenomenon. When you look at small conference championships on ESPN, you will see a *lot* more empty seats there than at the PL final.



    I sure hope you are right. My goal is to track all the games. Boy am I getting nervous. It does not matter if it is high school or college for me. I always get nervous for the players. Crazy huh? Let’s hope they are good games and no injuries.

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