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    All positions should be open for competition. We should be giving 4th string players a chance. Let the starters watch a hungry frosh steal there position. Maybe it will get them pissed off and they will start playing like a d1 kid should. Im serious, open all positions. Come in with a vanilla game plan verse Penn and give some new kids that are hungry a shot. Its a win win. Either the starter mans up or he loses his job. Its life and either you produce or you get cut. Play 4 rbs and 4 safeties and 4qbs in practice with a vanilla game plan and see who can produce. I think the coaches would be surprised. Just a suggestion from an old ball coach…lol Its not the coaches playing on that field. Our coaches are fine…STOP THE ENTITLEMENT!!!



    It will never work, with the game Kauffman had last week and he did not have one step on the field against Nova something is wrong. The coaches have an agenda,they have their Golden boys and that’s all we are going to see play this year.



    We’ve been in two close games that we just came up short in. Very hard to play unproven kids if you’re not way ahead or way behind. If it’s close, you stay with what you trust. Hopefully at Penn we have some cushion (nice lead) to get some other personnel on the field and Mayes his first few series.



    Engaging in such a gameplan vs. Penn would not only be a guaranteed loss but could also put the health of all players put out there in danger. That’s my kind take on this suggestion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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