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    In a recent column by Chad For, he listed the top #100 players available for the NBA draft this month.

    CJ McCollum is listed at #8
    Mike Muscala is listed as #31
    which means that there is an outside chance that 2 players from the Patriot League will be drafted in the first round. Considering the fact that Adonal Foyle has been our only representative in the NBA EVER!!!, what does this do for the quality of recruits in the near future for Patriot League teams. Perhaps this will dispel the myth that no roads lead from the PL to the NBA.



    The stigma has been lifted. When our teams show up, we will not be overlooked. Interesting tidbit tonight. I was looking at Georgetown footage when Patrick Ewing was playing. They showed Lehigh #16 vs GT #1. The announcer said GT “crushed Lehigh by 25 points.” Well GT I would not overlook any of the PL teams now. Go PL! Good luck to both young men. We will be watching from the bay.



    Two very important factors have changed since that Georgetown game.
    1.) The Patriot League began offering athletic scholarships in basketball.
    2.)Far more athletes are coming out of school early, particularly in the major programs which evens out the playing field a bit. Our seniors are competing against their freshmen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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