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    The seeding for three of the games in the PL tournament are set: No. 1 American, No. 2 Holy Cross, No. 3 Navy. After that, the final five spots are completely up for grabs with Lehigh (5-8), Colgate (5-8), Army (5-8), Bucknell (4-9), and Lafayette (4-9). As many as 5 teams can tie for the No. 4 spot.

    The tiebreaker is:
    1. Common records between tied teams
    2. Common records between teams not in the tie
    3. RPI

    Lehigh: RPI 240, Army 1-1, Bucknell 1-1, Colgate 1-1, Lafayette 1-1
    Lafayette: RPI 306, Army 0-2, Bucknell 1-1, Colgate 1-1, Lehigh 1-1
    Colgate: RPI 292, Army 2-0, Bucknell 1-1, Lehigh 1-1, Lafayette 1-1
    Bucknell: RPI 296, Army 0-1*, Lehigh 1-1, Lafayette 1-1, Colgate 1-1
    Army: RPI 308, Bucknell 1-0*, Lehigh 1-1, Lafayette 2-0, Colgate 0-2

    * game remaining

    In many tie-breaking scenarios – incredibly – Lehigh gets the edge due to their higher RPI than the rest of the contenders. (Thanks Rutgers.)

    Lehigh gets the No. 4 seed if:
    * Lehigh beats HC and Bucknell beats Army (6-8 conf. record if Colgate loses, best non-tiebreak win vs. HC)
    * Lehigh beats HC, Army beats Bucknell, and Navy Beats Colgate (Lehigh has best non-tiebreak win vs. HC)


    Colgate gets the No. 4 seed if:
    * Colgate beats Navy and HC beats Lehigh (6-8 conf. record if Army loses, and wins head-to-head tiebreaker with Army)
    * Colgate beats Navy and Army beats Bucknell (2- or 3- way tie at 6-8, Colgate wins the head-to-head tiebreaker)
    * Navy beats Colgate, Bucknell beats Army, HC beats Lehigh (4- or 5-way tie at 5-9, Colgate holds head-to-head tiebreaker)


    Army gets the No. 4 seed if:
    * Army beats Bucknell, HC beats Lehigh and Navy beats Colgate (6-8 conf. record)


    Other notes:

    * If Lafayette beats American and Army beats Bucknell, they will win any tiebreakers (with best non-tied team victory). They can finish as high as No. 5 in that case and no lower than No. 7. If they lose, they are a lock for the No. 8 seed.

    * Bucknell can finish as high as No. 5 if Colgate, Lehigh, and Army all lose (with best non-tied team victory, their win over Holy Cross). If they lose, they will be either the No. 7 or No. 8 seed.

    * If Colgate and Army both finish tied, Colgate wins any tiebreaker since they were 2-0 against the Black Knights. However, if Army wins and Colgate loses, the Raiders actually lose many tiebreakers (notably to Bucknell and (potentially) Lafayette) – they could finish as low as No. 6 in that case.

    For Lehigh, if they win at HC on Saturday, they have a very good shot at the No. 4 seed. If they lose, they are likely a No. 6 and could drop to No. 7 if Lafayette upsets American.



    "lfnadmin" wrote:

    In many tie-breaking scenarios – incredibly – Lehigh gets the edge due to their higher RPI than the rest of the contenders. (Thanks Rutgers.)

    Lots of interesting scenarios. I’m annoyed because Bucknell would have had a good chance for #4 had they beaten LC – a game they should have won easily.

    Just out of curiousity, in which ones does the Lehigh RPI come into play? Looking quickly, I don’t see them.

    I don’t think you need to thank Rutgers too much in the RPI department, because their ranking in terms of effect on their opponents’ strength of schedule is only #234. Schools such as Albany and Columbia actually rank higher – although the LU wins over those two weren’t quite as valuable because they were home wins. Even if LU had played a second game at NJIT, the worst team in the nation, instead of Rutgers, it would still be comfortably ahead of the other PL also-rans in RPI.



    Thanks for the heads-up bison137. I thought the win over Rutgers played more heavily into it that it actually did.

    Originally I thought RPI would come into play, but after I studied it I discovered that it will all come down to head-to-head and conference tiebreakers (since I forgot if Lehigh beats HC, they’ll have the edge over Colgate on that tiebreaker). AFAIK it won’t come down to RPI for the No. 4 seed, though it might for No. 5 or below.

    It is too bad that your Bison didn’t beat Laf since by virtue of your win over HC you’d have had an excellent shot at the No. 4 seed. But if you play like you did on Wednesday, I’d say you have an excellent shot at pulling off an upset or two.



    Thank God, the PL has spoken! Here’s how we can claim the 4th spot in the Playoffs:

    "The Mountain Hawks can capture the No. 4 seed with a win as long either Colgate or Army loses. Lehigh cannot clinch the No. 4 spot with a loss. Lehigh can finish anywhere between the No. 4 and No. 7 seed."

    As for Colgate, Lafayette, Bucknell and Army, see scenarios in release below. … 09aab.html



    Looks like I got it right, though the league did a much more eloquent job describing the scenarios than I did though :lol:

    For Lehigh, if they win they stand an excellent chance of hosting a game. Of course, what are the odds they will actually win at HC? :?

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