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    Well, after a rough 2-9 start, we are on to the meat of the schedule, PL play. Time to make predictions….

    I am going with the following:

    Lose both to Army
    Lose both to Navy
    Lose both to BU

    Split with Bucknell
    Split with Colgate
    Split with HC

    Win both vs. Lafayette
    Win both vs. American
    Win both vs. Loyola

    So, that gets me to 9-9, and a record of 3-6 on the road, and 6-3 at home.

    11-18 overall, and a 5th seed in the PL tournament.



    I’ll go with sweeps by Army, BU, and Bucky. We sweep American, and the rest are splits. I think that gets us to 7-11 in conference play.


    11-8 Key is TK and no other injuries. Otherwise. 7-11 would be about as good as we could expect.



    This team will go as far as TK takes it. If his foot injury lingers, we’re in serious trouble. The PL is down this year but injuries have left Lehigh with no depth thus unable to capitalize on that. Upside is 9-9. If TK misses games could be as bad as 6-12



    10 and 8 and 5th overall.

    Picking up an unexpected win over either Army, BU, or Navy…….splitting with BU, CU, and HC…….and sweeping LC, AU, and Loyola.

    Tall task, I know, in light of our short bench and a doubtful TK.



    It is a terrible PL this year, which helps. American and Loyola are awful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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