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    Game Notes



    We await


    BU (7-7, 0-1) and ranked 153rd
    LU (2-10, 0-1) and ranked 257th
    LU wins by 1

    If KenPom has his way this weekend, only Army – after laying it on Bucknell Saturday afternoon – will remain undefeated in PL play come Monday morning. Oddly enough, Mr. Pomeroy is going with Navy by 4 over HC. Just days ago, the Midshipmen fell by 30 to The Bison while HC, riding a three-game winning streak, put away Boston U. with ease in Game One…just possible signs of how tight and conflicted the PL might be in 2016.

    As a fan, you can only hope that the team comes out energized and plays with a purpose Saturday afternoon. Let’s say, like that demonstrated by TK in the final half of Game One. Sleep-walking through the first 20 will lead to an 0-2 start. While HC upended BU in Game One, the Terriers took it to the Crusaders early and led for most of the first half with the help of nine 3-pointers. Sounds familiar…. Army 7 of 10 from three in the first half two days ago. HC recovered in their game against BU, we didn’t.

      Two Interesting Stats Entering Play on Saturday

    a. In their first game against HC, the Terriers gave up 42 points in the paint – something I’m sure TK, JG and Reed have taken note of by now.


    b. Bench Play. The BU Terrier bench played an active role in their Game One, logging 34% of the minutes and contributing 27% (17 of the team’s 64) of their points. In our first game, the LU bench kicked in just 4 of our 82 points while the Army’s bench logged 37% of the minutes and contributed 25% (22 of 88) of the points. No doubt, a short and ineffective bench has and could spell bigger trouble for us this weekend and down the line. Perhaps the biggest culprit to date has been JG. His performance has dipped significantly over the past two seasons when an uptick might have been expected and, knowing now the depth of our team, needed in a big way. PPG have gone from 7.5 to 4.4 while boards have fallen from 5.8 to 3.8/game. Goldy, along with TJ, DC, and JRG will all have to stay healthy, and two, have career years for this thing to work. Something to challenge the Good Doctor.



    Wow, no chatter on this one. Big win. I know BU is depleted at the moment, but they needed to get in the win column and did. The big time PL players appear to be stepping it up in conference play. TK with 2 big games, so far, and Haas with 40 in win at Army.

    As usual, it looks like Bucknell is the team to beat.



    Have to agree with you 90, where’s the love or at least the chatter after a big win.

    What’s not to like about the LU effort? Thrilled we came out not ready not o concede home court and showed a +10 dominance on the boards. We got key contributions from the bench in what seemed to be critical moments during the game (DC’s 2 buckets and JG’s 6 boards). Reed’s substitution pattern was right-on, affording what looked to be just the right amount of rest to the starting 5 at just the right times. With all the talk – justifiable as it is – of KL’s hot 2-game start and the deft assist work of KR, you have to appreciate the steady/quiet leadership of AP who again gave you 16-17 pts in 33-37 minutes. Money in the bank. TK is a warrior and ready to lay claim to the top spot in the league. Worries include: JG’s shooting (looks to have lost his touch) and the short bench with resulting wear and tear on top line players (2-game minute split between starters and back-ups = 77%/23%)…..undoubtedly tops in the league.


    Was only able to watch the first 20 minutes but a great effort. Finally came out strong and with intensity – and it made a huge difference.

    Loving KL’s development. Yes, he hit shots, but he has also been defending well for a freshman and is an excellent rebounder for a guard (3.8rpg compared to 4rpg for JG) which is something this team really needs. He also seems very comfortable with the ball in his hands, it results in some turnovers for now, but I like the confidence and ability.

    Tim and AP have been great in the first two conference games. If they can gain some confidence from this win, they will be able to win (more than) their fair share in the PL.



    Encouraged by the win but can’t help feeling that it’s important that LU wins as many first-half games as they can. The lack of depth will take its toll as the season wears on and in the second half of the PL schedule wins may be much harder to come by. Even deeper LU teams have often faded down the stretch under both BT and the good Doctor



    2 very winnable road games coming up. Get us to 3-1 with Bucknell, following at home.



    So far, TK number 3 in scoring and number 2 in rebounding in PL. AP 6th in scoring. KR leading in assists.

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    Nuce win. Agree we must get in tournamnt position first half of season and hope that we can just keep pace until PLs.



    If there was ever a season where the adage “one game at a time” applies, it’s this season. Loyola will NOT be an easy game by any stretch on the road. If Lehigh can sweep Loyola and American it sets up the Hawks nicely, but the Hounds will be a really big test, bigger than people think.



    I would agree there are no easy games for this team. Loyola, currently, ranked at 285, has 3 wins and has beaten (all rankings by Sagarin):

    American 327
    Lafayette 313
    UMBC 307

    Lehigh, currently ranked at 250, has 3 wins and has beaten:

    Rochester unranked
    MSM 267
    BU 217

    I like our chances here, even on the road. But, it is no gimmee for sure.

    On another sad note, Patriot League, currently ranked 25th best conference, which is the lowest rating I can recall in quite some time. We are currently behind the lowly WAC at 24th. I dare anybody to name a current WAC team, other than New Mexico State.

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