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    Yup would not have objected to a 14 win prediction but like you find myself frystrated over season. We will be much better next year. Wonder where Doc is going to find minutes for everyone.


    I think a lot of what made it so frustrating was the lack of improvement for both individuals and the team. TK’s rebounding improved somewhat but overall the team looked pretty much the same all year. Was the Rider game in November the most complete game this team played all year? The same mistakes/issues/shortcomings kept popping up. Hopefully Coach Kroogs can work his magic on this group as well and they can make some individual strides in the offseason.



    SBum you nailed it from my perspective in that last night was upsetting in the result that occurred last night, but more upsetting was we saw very little growth and improvement the last couple months of the year, we close the season playing out worst ball, and just get feeling that team never gelled and staff never really knew what buttons to push at the right times it seemed to me. I will look back at this year and think we could have done more and for that I am a bit frustrated today, but I am happy with possibilities of future, as we have a good core to build around. If TK can keep developing on a similar path of a Muscala we got a shot to be a legit mid major team for next three years. TK is the key, and hopefully we figure out the other pieces around him.



    When a team doesn’t really improve all season, I think coaching staff needs to be taken to task. This team was far from “peaking at the right time”. Reed did wonders last year when he lost CJ for the season, kept them focused, and kept them playing at a high level to the surprise of many. But this year’s team just never improved from early OOC to late PL. The fact that we have so many questions going into next season is a problem. We all would like a few more givens after 30+ games. I have to chalk this up as a wasted season, where we learned so little from so many.

    Critical piece for me going forward is this. Who on this team is going to get critical half court buckets in tight games? Who is going to be counted on as a scorer each night (15+ points)? And, if you tell me TK (which I agree is probably your only constant), who is going to step up late in games when the post is double and triple teamed? We desperately need a slasher/scorer from the wing. When a team that wants to play up tempo, puts up 48 points in their most critical game of the year, there are problems.

    Kudos to Mackey McKnight for a fine Lehigh career. He will go down as one of the finest PG’s to put on a Lehigh uniform. He frustrated many of us through the years with his play and his benchings for team violations, but he played some great games for Lehigh. Fordham earlier this season he was amazing, and the way he carried us vs. Xavier in the tourney. Great career. Hope he finds a spot overseas.



    Probably the worst shooting night we had all year. 32% overall and 3-21 from 3. And we made a run at it at the end. Practically impossible to win with that kind of shooting numbers.
    On the upside, our rebounding did take a turn for the positive as we wrapped up our season. I’m still very optimistic for next year. I don’t like making excuses any more than anyone else does, but this was an exceptionally young and new team. We’re all on the same page re: TK as the centerpiece for the next few years, no discussion there. I’m gonna remain optimistic about AP. I saw some aggression in going to the hoop in the last couple of games – I think he and the coaches know that he’ll need to improve there. Same with JC – more drives to the rim. If they both work on that, we could see big leaps.
    Finally, I feel once again like we saw some really good things when TK and JG were both in the game last night. I don’t have any numbers to support that – just gut feel. But I don’t think anybody can continue to shrug off JGs stat line anymore:
    Goldsborough 4-5 0-0 0-4 4 1 8 1 1 1


    Seems to me that with JC’s athleticism he should be able to play in the paint, not sure if it offensive scheme or his desire that keeps him from that?



    Honestly, I had expected JC to be a post player too, Van. But one of the things I think I’ve learned this season is that he is not. I don’t think I’ve seen him play with his back to the basket at all; a few times, at best.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s a 3, in reality. We all look at his size and length and expect something else, but I’m making the adjustment. While he runs hot and cold, he is a pretty decent 3-point shooter. If he improves his drives to the basket, we’ll get what we need from him, I think. But this also means we need to stop thinking of him as a post player. I know you didn’t say “post” in your comment, but I’m reading that into it.
    We need at least one more guy who can play with his back to the basket, at least as a backup. I’m hoping that can turn out to be CB – but we’ll see…



    Van, I think we have drastically overrated JC’s athleticism. He is not very good going to the hoop and seems uncoordinated more times than not in many situations. He is very long and can jump but not very physical and very awkward. IMHO JG is way more athletic.


    Frustrated by this season,all LHN’s fault for getting me hooked on Bball :) , but not pessimistic.
    Agree JC is a 3 but not that he lacks athleticism. His awkwardness is IMO due to being uncomfortable in inside situations that he has never had to face before. Doubt he will ever be a back to the basket guy but he’ll be fine at 3 getting occasional bursts of rebs.
    Todd has hit on the crucial need for us, a true inside big. We’re not getting 1 for next season. A sing F and 3 Gs.
    CS and MS s/b fine and will mesh better with others, I believe.
    My issud for both MBB and WBB since start of PL sched has been the lack of improvement. WBB is hampered by the lack of any Gs that can shoot.. The men, I really cant figurs it out.



    I think the term I would use is that JC is/was more of a project than I was expecting. When you look at the ht/wt you think Patriot League “inside presence” (6’8, 225, bigger measurables than Goldy!) but instead you have this unorthodox outside shooter, kind of like Glen Rice at times. He offers a dimension that can be powerful, but he needs more work to at least drive to the basket more.

    I think what caused the decline as the season went along was the fact that nobody really stood up and became a consistent post presence alongside TK. The book on Lehigh was clearly to get TK to play out of control and get into foul trouble, and when he did (and it happened a lot) SW and Goldy would have to play together with inconsistent results. More often than not it didn’t work. The best line was TK/Goldy, but too often that wasn’t the combination on the floor.

    As great as TK was this season, I felt that he played out of control a lot. That idiotic 5th foul against Navy in Annapolis really sticks out, a spot where people are trying to draw fouls and TK needs to not even be in the same zip code of these people with 4 fouls. It seems like this type of thing that will clean itself up with age, but for this season, that inexperience down the stretch of games really hurt at times. In a season with a lot of close losses, it stands out.

    And MM, who carried the mantle “Lehigh PG” well in his four years here, also played out-of-control at times trying to do too much. When he was on, he couldn’t be stopped. When he was trying to sink 3s all by himself or dribble-drive to the outside with 10 seconds left, he would stop himself too often.

    I’d say this year’s team was talented – one of the most talented I’ve seen suit up at Lehigh. If next year’s group can learn to play with more control, I’d say, too, that the future looks bright.



    I think JC is a diamond in the rough. He is an athletic specimen and has pic-n-pop potential as a jump shooter. But, there is still an awkwardness to his game which needs to be smoothed out. I’m not 100% happy with his shooting mechanics. One full year of working out with the team – CJ’s team – I would have thought more progress would have been made.

    He. Could. Be. A. Beast.

    I’m not a huge basketball “wonk” but my sense is there are schematic reasons the team underachieved this year. As much/or more blame needs to be assigned to the coaches as the players for underachieving.

    1. Defense. We are so predictable and passive on defense. Even the lightweights of the league were having their way with us.

    BR seems to be very risk adverse. I think he was spoiled by the CJ years where the team played just-good-enough and CJ would bail the team out with some individual heroics.

    More aggression and pressing and a variety of looks on D please.

    2. Rebounding. Schematically, it does not seems we are committed to the glass – especially offensively. To many times I saw a shot go up and five Lehigh players retreating. Defensively, perhaps a zone defense with the three bigs would have gotten the job done.

    3. Offense. Last years team – even with CJ out hurt – had a very specific identity and clear sense of What Works. This year’s team just floundered and searched and stalled and threw up desperation shots. The most promising option – obviously – was TK. So, why so few touches down the season stretch? Our most promising 2nd option – CS. But it seemed he was never a “featured” option, just an undersized kid who had to try to find his shots within the flow of the game. Face it, when you are waiting for the likes of AP to swing you the ball – you may wait for a long time!

    Our 3 point specialists – AP and SC – are NOT extraordinary shooters. Next!



    One thing about BR, he is not going to be very inventive when it comes to defensive or offensive philosophy. He is pretty much going to be man to man defense, very little zone, no pressing, virtually no trapping either full court or half court in any type of 1-3-1 or other formation. And, you are never going to see any matchup style junk defense like a box and 1 or triangle and 2. On offense, you are pretty much going to get the high screen and roll with the PG and a big, either rolling to hoop or pick and pop shooter. Outside of that, there isn’t much. I guess it is motion principles, but not a lot of stuff run for the players.

    I think the cringeworthy “project” label is pretty suited for JC. We all thought JG coming in was a “project”, but he may be more of a finished product than JC. Thankfully, TK is developed enough offensively that he is not a project, although we are all hoping for nice improvement over the next 3 years.

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