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    DT Winnett jr Knapp so

    NG Benning jr Brown jr

    DE Connare so Dokouslis so

    LB Brickner sr Flizack jr

    LB Pierce sr Groome so

    LB Cohen sr Mihal so

    LB Taylor sr Showunmi sr

    db Cribbs jr Eldemire jr

    db Kennedy jr Newton so

    S Veniero jr Ajewole sr

    S Sanchez sr Carrie so

    TE Wojdowski jr Wickware so

    SE Gordon so Soeprasetyo so/ Drwal so

    wr Zurn jr Flynn fr/ Artim so

    Qb Clarke jr Lum so

    FB Fossati sr Arruda so

    RB Walker jr Campbell jr/ Barket fr

    OL McNamara jr McKenna so

    OL Reich so Clerge jr

    OL Schauder jr Liebler so

    OL Harden sr Pelligrino so

    OL Rackley jr Giacalone sr

    D solid at every position Ray and Lasher ?? but Bianchi can also step up and Brown ,de, solid,dbs will improve. Heck, Cribbs could be 2nd string

    O wr very good better speedbut no real deep threat yet, Jefferson and Soep greta hgt

    qb s/ b better

    rb if Walker can last will be good , not much speed Campbell has some wiggle Kablan may be only rb able to run a sweep otherwise it will be the wr’s again

    fb both solid not another one on the roster

    OL again s/b Ok, may hinge on whether Clerge can step up take his spot and keep it this time. Good mix of experience and newbies. Transfer s/b interesting .

    TE Woj, Wickware and Holmes should solidify spot



    Would love to save this and compare to mid-November.

    For instance, can Clarke hold off Lum for that long?

    Some questions for you Lehigh loyalists:

    Is DB Sanchez the same guy who battled it out for the QB spot a year or so ago?

    How committed is Coen to the 3-4 defensive alignment?

    How confident are you in OL depth?



    The first thing to note is that Benning is a Senior. Carney you are correct about Sanchez. He started out as a quarterback and was converted to DB. When Coen hired kotulski as the defensive coordinator he said that as an offensive coach he always had trouble with a 3 – 4 alignment. So, at least as long as Kotulski is the defensive coordinator, I would say that Lehigh will stay with the 3 -4. With regard to the offensive line, my sense is that this is as talented a group as Lehigh has had in a long time. Rackley (now a Junior) has been a starter since he was a freshman and may be the best lineman in the league.


    Rich, your 2 deep looks pretty good.

    A few alternate ideas,

    Matt Fitz may be able to step up and make a good back up/relief for Walker. Need to see more of him.

    I’ve always thought that Flizack might be able to fill a DE spot if he puts on a few more pounds, will be interested to see Fall weights.

    Should be good competition on the O line for starting spots. Lot of turnover there, but good talent in the pipeline. If rumors of transfer are true …. hmmm

    Agree with your comment about Cribbs given reports about Colin Newton. Maybe we have the skills to shut down HC with a 5 DB blanket.


    If we want to shut down HC I think the DCwill use the 8 or 9 db umbrella D :roll:

    Fitz, Walker, Barket are north -south runners , my preference is for a scatback also. We have no breakaway speed, Campbell a solid kid with some wiggle with average speed. Klaban supposed to be very fast.

    If we ran a 4-3 D Flizack would be ideal DE, as it is that position is akin to a De in certain sets.

    I dont think with Coach K that there will be any change from3-4. He runs it well.

    Even tho this is our smallest roster in many years at 93 , our depth of talent is better than it has been in 4-5 yrs.

    Lum is a spectacular problem for this squad, he does everything well, quick, strong arm , I would be surprised if he didn’t get significant time. Replace Clarke, :?:

    OL , I agree that thisline bestwe’ve had in a while. Soph group excellent wouldnot be surprised to see Reich take a G slot, Pelligrini and liebler also. 9 LM that can start with no loss in quality

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