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    I was excited when they signed him, and thought he would be a good scorer for them, based on his high school career. Hoping he can play with some urgency this year, if he even has a role. He may be the 6-7th option in the backcourt at this point. Doesn’t seem that explosive, but may have been the attitude. Not sure he will be 100% this season, physically. He is less than a year from his injury.



    From twitter, I’m gathering that the first scrimmage is today. Apparently this one is Wagner.
    What can we expect to hear about or learn from a closed scrimmage? I understand that there’s no official scoring, but will we see/hear about any unofficial numbers? Or lineups?
    Bison indicated that video is allowed, but I’m assuming that is for coaches and won’t be made public.



    Expect to hear nothing. Bison is correct. All that will come out of this is video for the coaches to digest.



    We won’t hear a thing it’s not allowed. At Wagner today and home vs Princeton next week.

    Wagner preseason number 1 in NEC, so good team to scrimmage.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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