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    Gotta hand it to the Any Given Saturday team. As noted in the link below……….In comparison to other polls, the AGS Poll had as many or more of it’s preseason top 25 on it’s final regular season poll than either of the other two polls (coaches and media) had on their’s since their inception five years ago. The AGS Poll also had as many or more of it’s preseason top 25 on it’s final regular season poll make the playoffs than either of the other two polls the past five years. … -Announced

    Here’s a look at the recently announced numbers.

    1. Villanova (81), 2344
    2. Montana (7), 2106
    3. Appalachian State (2), 1965
    4. William & Mary (3), 1909
    5. Southern Illinois (1), 1825
    6. New Hampshire, 1644
    7. Elon, 1578
    8. Richmond, 1414
    9. South Dakota State, 1359
    10. South Carolina State, 1352
    11. Stephen F. Austin, 1218
    12. Northern Iowa, 1028
    13. McNeese State, 1011
    14. Eastern Washington, 1002
    15. Delaware, 885
    16. James Madison, 871
    17. Jacksonville State, 720
    18. Weber State, 639
    19. Liberty, 582
    20. Furman, 491
    21. Eastern Illinois, 480
    22. Montana State, 377
    23. Cal Poly, 319
    24. Pennsylvania, 277
    25. Holy Cross, 262

    Others receiving votes (minimum of 5 votes): Prairie View A&M (43), Texas State (41), Northern Arizona (36), Massachusetts (31), Maine (30), Colgate (25), Wofford (22), Eastern Kentucky (20), Lafayette (19), UC Davis (17), Chattanooga (15), Illinois State (15), Florida A&M (14), Georgia Southern (14), North Dakota State (13), Central Arkansas (11), Youngstown State (11), Harvard (10), Lehigh (10), Stony Brook (10), Southeastern Louisiana (9), Albany (8), Grambling State (7), Dayton (5), Missouri State (5)



    I may be biased as a voter in AGS but it is the most valid PRE season poll. Meaning only that is less useless than all the others. ;) I would like to see us crack the ratings this year .Its been a long time and this year will be our best shot given the depth of talented starters. We lose a lot next year.

    Lafayette board has a nice poll up as to how optimistic r not their fans are for this season.


    I agree the AGS poll has the best track record of any I-AA/FCS poll. Based upon past performance, I think LU’s position is good. And, yes, this is the year a move back in to the rankings needs to happen. Actually, we’ll have a good number of underclassmen playing, so the future is not at all worrisome to me. Secondary will definitely be senior laden.



    so we can say that Lehigh is rank #44 in the country. Should move up a bit after the initial 5-0 start for the team.


    Hah! A 5-0 record would have Lehigh #1! If Lehigh can at least get out of September at 2-2 with good showings against Villanova and UNH, we should be in good shape. Entering October with a win over either ‘nova or UNH or both would be dream heaven, and can only happen with near perfect games and a few breaks. This team has the talent to be 9-2. Whether they have the will, execution and dedication remains to be seen..



    Scary preseason numbers, if you ask me. I guess, as noted above, LU is #45 in a nation of 120+ schools competing in the FCS this year. I like it……….We’re a bit under the radar and a team full of potential. Our test, however, will come early and often, facing not only the preseason # 1 (Villanova) and #6 (New Hampshire) picks in a 14 day period of time but two other team that are very much – or nearly so – our equal in Drake and Princeton. All this before the leaves begin to turn. Can’t think of a tougher September slate. Go 4-0 and be named the top team in America. Go 3-1 and capture the attention of Holy Cross, Colgate and Lafayette with a well-deserved bye week to prepare for Fordham. Go 2-2 and be happy you escaped September. Go 1-3 and start to worry if we have what it’ll take to compete for the PL championship. Go 0-4 and back up the trucks.

    As for those Bulldogs of Drake, don’t think they haven’t got this game circled on their calendar. After all, it is their home-opener, they will be playing under the lights, and looking to show us and the rest of the PL that they (Pioneer League) have arrived and are deserving of an auto-bid to the playoffs in 2011. I can guarantee you that they’ll be ready for us after their dismal showing at Goodman two years ago in the rain. The results were in no way indicative of their talent. It was also Coach Creighton’s first game as head Bulldog. This is a guy with a .773 (109-32) lifetime winning percentage and already 14-8 at Drake. Oh yeah, the team has won 12 of their last 16 games. Talent wise, they’ve got plenty of it, too. You might want to start by looking at their D-line and couple of guys named Asbell and Taylor – both seniors and players who have caught the eye of Viking and Cowboy scouts. Should be a good test for us.

    The Princeton Tigers. Go figure. We’re 1-3 in our last four games. Our losses have been by 3, 3, and 4 points. We haven’t beaten this team at Goodman since 2003.

    Yes, September will be telling. With all the hype of facing the reigning champs (Villanova) and another Wildcat team named the University of New Hampshire, I just just hope we don’t overlook the two games we should win.

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