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    Game Notes





    KenPom Rankings and Prediction
    Quarter-final Round Games

    Colgate (10-21, 8-10) #269
    Lehigh (18-11, 12-6) #118
    Leigh sweep (2-0) the regular season matchups
    Lehigh by 13 (76-63)

    AWP (13-18, 6-12) #235
    Bucknell (23-8, 15-3) #80
    Buckey sweep (2-0) the regular season matchups
    Bucknell by 15 (83-68)

    Holy Cross (15-16, 9-9) #215
    Navy (15-115, 10-8) #213
    The team split (1-1) during the regular season
    Navy by 4 (59-55)

    Loyola (15-15, 8-10) # 249
    Boston U. (17-13, 12-6) #185
    The teams split (1-1) during the regular season
    Boston U. by 8 (72-64)

    Thanks you, Bucknellbisonfan21, for this link to the March Madness Bracket Matrix. Awesome info for those of us who can’t get enough college basketball.


    Also, gotta love all the talk on the Bison Message Board. It’s classic, especially the part about NCAA Seeding. Will it be a 15 seed or maybe a 14, or possible a 13. I’m pretty sure Nana and Company’s sights are solely on Army tomorrow night.


    Can we please step-up to the plate, fans!

    Average Home Attendance This Year: 1208 (5th best in the PL …trailing Bucky, Navy, Holy Cross and Lafayette

    Colgate one week ago (2/22/17): 1091

    Last Year’s Qt. Final vs. Navy: 1730



    Should be a 15 point win. Colgate light on talent. We dominated them twice.


    Wasn’t pretty at times. But I’ll take it. I hope we are prepared for the zone on Sunday.price with a monster night. A few guys struggled but happy we stepped up the pressure late in second half.


    looked like a case of nerves early, TK a monster and AP at his best tonight

    short minutes from PA tonight?



    Colgate played well and Lehigh not sharp. I really liked how AP and KR turned it up in the second half when TK went to bench with foul trouble. We need KR to be a factor with penetration. Sometimes we get too reliant on throwing it into the post to TK. With TK on the bench, team really responded.

    Was little confused on action midway through 2nd half. When TK picked up his 3rd personal foul with 11 and change left and then technical, was that considered his 4th? I didn’t think that was the rule, but then Reed parked him for a long stretch. Box had him listed with 4 personals. I was watching on my phone at low volume and couldn’t hear commentary very well.


    Yes, technical fouls are also personal and team fouls. That gave Tim 4 PF’s on the night. Bold move to engage the officials given the stakes.



    According to the newspaper story there were expletives involved. Not bold, the word stupid comes to mind. In paper TK said he’d have been kicking hims3lf if team didn’t respond the way it did while he was sitting ou5

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