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    Here’s a look at the remaining regular season schedule…………

    LU 8-2 @LC BU HC
    BU 7-4 CU @LU @A
    N 7-4 @A AU @CU
    LC 6-5 LU @A @AU
    AU 5-6 @HC @N LC
    CU 4-7 @BU @HC N
    HC 4-7 AU CU @LU
    A 3-8 N LC BU

    Lehigh and Bucknell can nail down a home court birth in the opening round of the PL Championships on March 3rd with wins this weekend over LC and CU, respectively. Navy can do the same should they beat Army coupled with a loss by either LC or AU.

    Combined W-L record of the remaining teams on the schedule of ….

    LU 17-16
    BU 15-18
    N 12-21
    LC 16-17
    AU 17-16
    CU 18-15
    HC 17-16
    A 20-13



    Though I wish Lehigh was 8-2, we’re 8-3. Though your point holds if LU wins since LC would be 6-6 and couldn’t catch us.

    If LU, BU and Navy win this weekend, Lehigh would be 9-3 and BU and Navy would 8-4 with two games to go.

    LU plays BU next Wed. at the STAR, which looms as another crucial game. Aside from the one in Easton, of course.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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